Bryce Leatherwood Height: Girlfriend, Past relations, Net-Worth, Biography.

Bryce Leatherwood recently captured the attention of viewers across America with his soulful country vocals on Season 22 of The Voice. His incredible talent and humble personality have made him a fan favorite, and many are curious to learn more about this rising star.

From his early beginnings in Woodstock, Georgia to his triumphant victory on The Voice stage, here is an in-depth look at Bryce Leatherwood’s background and his journey to winning over America’s hearts.

Early Life and Family Ties

Born on February 4, 2000 in Woodstock, Georgia, Bryce Leatherwood was raised in a close-knit family. His parents, Cliff and Hope Leatherwood, provided a nurturing homelife alongside his brother Lance.

Bryce has shared touching stories about his grandfather on The Voice, speaking about how he inspired and encouraged Bryce’s love of music. When his grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer, a young Bryce convinced him to go through chemotherapy treatment, which ultimately improved his health.

Education and Forming His Band

After graduating high school in 2018, Bryce attended Georgia Southern University. He completed his bachelor’s degree in business management in May 2022.

While in college, Bryce began performing regionally with his band. The Bryce Leatherwood Band held its first ticketed concert in May 2022, establishing themselves as a popular country/Southern rock group in the local music scene.

Initial Shot at Fame on American Idol

Before his rise to stardom on The Voice, Bryce first tried out for American Idol in 2019. Though he didn’t make it past the early audition rounds, this gave him valuable experience on a nationally televised stage.

Bryce Leatherwood’s Height and Appearance

Bryce Leatherwood stands at an impressive 6 feet 0 inches tall. With his strong jawline, wavy blond hair, and sculpted build, he makes quite an impression. Weighing around 165 pounds, Bryce stays fit through his active lifestyle and enjoyment of sports.

Fans have also taken note of Bryce’s signature country style. He favors cowboy hats, bootcut jeans, and button-down shirts on stage, exuding southern charm. With his commanding height and confidence, Bryce’s stage presence captivates audiences.

Compelling Blind Audition Wows the Coaches

After years honing his vocal abilities, Bryce took the next step in his career by auditioning for Season 22 of The Voice. For his blind audition, he sang “Goodbye Time” by Conway Twitty.

Within seconds, his rich baritone vocals grabbed the coaches’ attention. Blake Shelton and John Legend turned almost immediately, captivated by Bryce’s traditional country style and vocal control. Gwen Stefani also turned her chair in the final seconds.

All of the coaches were blown away, showering Bryce with praise about his storytelling ability and the beauty of his voice. After a tough choice between Blake and John, Bryce selected Blake Shelton to be his coach, excited to learn from the famous country star.

Connection to Coach Blake Shelton

As a country singer himself, Bryce felt he could establish a close connection with Blake Shelton as his coach.

During his time on The Voice, Bryce benefitted greatly from Blake’s guidance. The two bonded over their small-town southern roots and love of traditional country music.

Blake helped polish Bryce’s stage presence and versatility as a vocalist. He gave sage advice on song choices that allowed Bryce to showcase his talents, while still maintaining his authenticity as an artist. Their mentor-mentee relationship was a highlight of Bryce’s experience.

Winning Over America Week After Week

Gaining momentum after his blind audition, Bryce impressed viewers across the country with his consistency and relatable personality. His song choices struck an emotional chord, including “God’s Country” by Blake Shelton and “Ol’ Red” by Blake Shelton.

Bryce also revealed his versatility, surprising coaches with his soulful rendition of “Home” by Marc Broussard for the Top 10 semi-finals. Showcasing his range, he managed to stay true to his country roots while demonstrating growth.

By the live finale, Bryce had become a fan-favorite to win it all. His final performances of “Fire Away” by Chris Stapleton and “Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton showed both his powerhouse vocals and emotional vulnerability. In the end, America chose Bryce Leatherwood as the winner of The Voice Season 22, crowning him the next rising star in country music.

Girlfriend and Support System

Balancing the demands of The Voice, Bryce relied on the support of his loving girlfriend, Lexie Houston. Lexie is a recent nursing graduate who has been dating Bryce for quite some time.

Lexie was often seen cheering Bryce on in the audience during his live performances. She also frequently posts words of encouragement for him on her social media accounts. Bryce credits Lexie as well as the rest of his family for providing crucial support during his time on The Voice.

What’s Next for Bryce Leatherwood?

Since being crowned the winner, Bryce has been fielding offers from major record labels. He plans to work on his first album in 2023. Fans can also expect more touring shows and live appearances from Bryce and his band.

Given his immense talent and magnetic stage presence, Bryce Leatherwood’s musical journey is just getting started. Now with a national fanbase behind him, his future looks brighter than ever.

The Voice has catapulted the Georgia native into country music stardom. But through it all, Bryce remains grounded in his southern roots and commitment to sharing heartfelt music with his listeners. Keep an eye out for what Bryce accomplishes next!


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