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Dark Future in the Hands of Destiny 2’s Season of Plunder and Lightfall Story!!! Get the Interesting Facts Here!

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The August showcase for Destiny 2 was similar to the one from the previous year in that it introduced the new incoming expansion and Season before a unique in-game event in the form of the Fortnite crossover.

Players now have a better idea of what to anticipate from the continuation of the Light and Darkness saga and Year 6 of Destiny 2, which will culminate in 2024 with The Final Shape, thanks to further information about Season of Plunder and Lightfall. The plots of Season of Plunder and Lightfall share a puzzle piece known as the “Dark Future,” which is a timeline where the events that led to mankind’s fall took place.

Several of the game’s lore books have discussed this over the years, and the returning Exo Stranger Elsie Bray warned the Guardians about it in the Beyond Light expansion. Elsie Bray, who comes from that historical period, relates tales about how Eris Morn became the Witch Queen after being corrupted by the Darkness, or how she had to kill her sister, Ana after she had abandoned the Light and those who trusted it.

Vox Obscura, a mission from Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen, predicted the events leading up to Lightfall and beyond, which Elsie hopes would prevent humanity from experiencing the Dark Future. Capital has a vision that shows possible outcomes after the Vox Obscura mission, which involves destroying a covert base that Calus constructed on Mars to force his Psions to disseminate menacing messages about supporting The Witness’ cause.

The Leviathan’s reappearance, Eramis’ revival, a city under siege, and the Traveler infected with the Darkness are all shown by Capital in her vision as events that will either complete more of the Dark Future or direct humanity toward it.

The Lightfall expansion will be placed in Neomuna, a covert human bastion where humankind is prepared for a second Collapse, according to the teaser released at the August showcase. The Witness and Calus are laying siege to Neomuna to recover a potent artifact for an unspecified reason, but this is enough to fulfill the penultimate prediction of Vox Obscura. The Traveler might end up contracting the Darkness as a result of the events of Lightfall, sending the chronology to Destiny 2’s dreaded Dark Future.

If this is the case, according to the mythology surrounding the Dark Future as it was experienced by Elsie Bray, the Darkness will continue to poison humanity until a decisive battle at the Scarlet Keep on the Moon.

This is only conjecture, but the gradual realization of every Vox Obscura prophecy indicates that Bungie had everything planned out long ago, as evidenced by the lore surrounding Neomuna. The conclusion of the Light and Darkness epic may be The Dark Future, but it’s also feasible that the plot may eventually veer off in a different direction, resolving the timeline.

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