The Composition Guide Of Collei Team In Genshin Impact, Know All The Interesting Facts !!!

One of the future Genshin Impact 3.0 characters is Collie. After an in-game event is over, she will be made available for free and will be a 4-Star Dendro Bow user.

Collie has been a part of the Genshin Impact lore for a while even though she has only recently appeared in the game. Collie first appeared in the official webcomic when she was much younger, and through the course of the game’s events, she has developed into a skilled ranger.

Collie served as a test subject for Fatui’s archon residue research in the webcomic Genshin Impact. She then escaped their grasp and took sanctuary in Mondstadt while preparing for her retaliation. Collie gained the capacity to produce a dark flame akin to the Pyro Element as a result of the Fatu studies. Then, to enter the city undetected, she started the Black Fire Incident by using her authority to injure the Mondstadt residents.

College of Genshin Impact befriends Amber when she is in the City of Freedom (albeit unwillingly, at first). Collie is taken on a tour of Mondstadt by Amber, who also takes her to the Ludi Harpastum Festival.

But by the end of the webcomic, Katya has come to believe that Collie was to blame for the Black Fire Incident, and she sets out to kill her. Amber, however, stands up for the young Collie.

By the time Lisa’s request brought Cyano of Genshin Impact to Mondstadt from Sumeru, Collie has the archon remnant in her body sealed away. After that, she and Cyano depart from the City of Freedom, leaving Amber with little more than a thank-you note.

In the present, Collie is a trainee ranger serving Tighnari during the events of Genshin Impact. Though she still thinks fondly of Amber, she hasn’t forgotten the folks who gave her support during that difficult period in her life. They even offer comparable kits.
The “Gliding Champion of Sumeru” Genshin Impact Passive Skill that Collie possesses is identical to Amber’s Utility Passive.

It consumes 20% less stamina while gliding. Collie gained a lot from her little encounter with Amber. Collie uses the typical Normal and Charged Attacks for most Bow users as her other attack patterns. Her Elemental Skill allows her to launch a device known as a “Floral Ring” in the meantime. Similar to a boomerang, it strikes all foes in its path with Dendro Damage before heading back to Collie.

Although Collie has not yet made public his official list of Genshin Impact Constellations, information about it has leaked. Collie’s overall kit suggests that she would be better suited as a facilitator of Elemental Reactions than as a damage dealer because several players have complained about how poor her attack scaling is.

This is supported by Her Constellations, some of which expand the Dendro application. Collie even summons Cuilein-Anbar in her last constellation to deal with additional Dendro Damage.

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