Everywhere Has Been Teased By GTA Producer! All You Need To Know About Is Right Here!

Leslie Benzies, a former Grand Theft Auto producer who founded the Build A Rocket Boy studio, teased its upcoming title Everywhere during today’s Opening Night Live presentation that opened this year’s Gamescom.

Along with releasing the game’s first-ever gameplay video, the Scottish developer also disclosed the game’s release window, saying that it will probably happen sometime in 2019. So far Everywhere is not available because it is in development.

The Edinburgh-based developer’s debut title is Everywhere, which it bills as a Grand Theft Auto rival. Since its creation in 2016, the company has gone through multiple funding rounds, but it wasn’t until this Tuesday that it unveiled the first footage from its enigmatic title, which it calls a cutting-edge sandbox.

The game’s development in Unreal Engine 5 and release on both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S have previously been confirmed. Both single-player and multiplayer material is supposedly included in the package in terms of functionality.

The latter will place a strong emphasis on player-generated content, ranging from activities to fully developed worlds, as well as native support for streaming and other social media capabilities. The former promises to have an “epic” narrative spanning numerous chapters.
The 75-second teaser, which is largely made up of gameplay samples, manages to reveal a lot while still keeping the future game shrouded in mystery.

In any case, the clip appears to support Build A Rocket Boy’s claim that Everywhere is a “real-life Ready Player One.” A future desert metropolis and a lush forest are just a couple of the various third-person shootouts, driving gameplay, and other elements shown in the trailer.

A late 2023 debut appears to be the most likely scenario given the AAA nature of the project and the lack of a specific release date for Everywhere. Since the holiday season is typically the most lucrative time of the year for the gaming industry, it is not a coincidence that Sony and Microsoft both debuted their most recent consoles in November and that sales of gaming accessories peak in January.

Speaking of seasons, today’s announcement made no mention of any. If the game was set to debut in the first quarter of the year, it would have likely already received a preliminary ESRB rating by now, whereas this teaser makes it clear that it is not.

Additionally, Build A Rocket Boy’s language would have been more specific than “2023” if it had believed Everywhere would be ready in the first part of the year. Given the rarity of big releases over the summer, the future Everywhere’s most likely release timeframe is only the last quarter of 2023.

All of that, of course, is if there are no delays. This is never a guarantee in the game development industry, and it’s especially true for incredibly ambitious and thus challenging projects like Everywhere.

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