What Is About The Change In Destiny 2 Lightfall’s New Cloud Striders? Read To Know More!

After today’s showcase, Destiny 2 players have a lot to look forward to, as Bungie detailed Season of Plunder, the resurrected King’s Fall Raid, and of course, the planned Lightfall expansion. The greatest news from today’s live stream, Lightfall, still stands as the second-to-last installment in the Light and Darkness epic, which will complete in 2024 with The Final Shape but not the overall conclusion of Destiny 2’s plot.

Lightfall’s many novelties—including the hidden city of Neomuna on Neptune, Calus’ Shadow Legion of Cabal, the Pyramid Tormentors as the game’s primary foes, and more—are what makes it so thrilling.

Despite the fact that we presently know very little about them, tormentors are a fantastic addition to the game because they are effectively a new race of foes.

Additionally, the Shadow Legion can act differently from the base Cabal units that Destiny 2 gamers are accustomed to. Even with Strand’s revelation, one of the most significant features of Lightfall is the introduction of the Cloud Striders, a brand-new race that has the potential to upend everything.

The Taken King and Forsaken expansions, which included Taken and Scorn opponents, respectively, were the only two significant events in the shared history of Destiny 2 and its predecessor when Bungie introduced new races. With Lightfall, Bungie introduces the first-ever new allied race in the form of the Cloud Striders, in addition to new opponents like Tormentors and the Shadow Legion.

Despite being biochemically altered humans rather than extraterrestrial species, Cloud Striders serve as a perfect mirror for humanity’s Lightbearers.

In the Destiny 2 universe, conflicts in the Solar System came and went while the Cloud Striders and the inhabitants of Neomuna remained a secret to all of mankind for years. They also stayed out of the sight of other powerful entities.

The Cloud Striders will eventually have to educate Guardians on how to use the abilities of Strand as The Witness’s desire to get a potent artifact from Neomuna drives them to assist in fighting off the forces of Darkness. The discovery of another human stronghold alters everything since it disproves the notion that the Last City is the “last” place where humans may exist and even flourish.

According to legend, the Warmind Rasputin was aware of a location known as “Nefele Stronghold,” where “Nefele” might be a reference to the Greek cloud nymph Nephele who played a part in the Golden Fleece tale.

If this is the real origin of the name, the relationship between the cloud nymph and the Cloud Striders is likely hinted at in the lore books to some extent. If so, Lightfall will mark the culmination of humanity’s lengthy journey in the Destiny 2 universe.

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