You Can Now Play Dark Souls 3 in First-Person Mode Using This Mod

You Can Now Play Dark Souls 3 in First-Person Mode Using This Mod


There are a number of people who want to experience an RPG game in first-person mode. Dark Souls 3 isn’t meant to be played in First-Person mode, but thanks to this mod, now you can enjoy the fantasy RPG game in first-person mode for an amazing experience. After developing first-person mods for Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2, the modders have done it again. A fully working first-person mod for the latest title in the Dark Soul series, the Dark Souls 3.

The mod is made by “Zulliethewitch”, who is the guy behind the first-person mods for the original Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2. Surprisingly, the game looks very good in first-person mode, and the weapon animations and general game-play is better than expected.

The mod is not perfect, but as the game is not meant to be played in first-person mode, this mod works really well.

Check out this video to see this mod in action:
(Video by Iron Pineapple)

Personally, we haven’t used this mod. So yeah, if you’re going to install this, proceed with caution as it could destroy your game.

Download the First-Person Mod for Dark Souls 3 here.




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