Revving Up Imagination: Discover the Top 5 Game Cars That Never Made it to the Real World!

5 Game Cars That Never Made It to Real World

We know that concept cars mean cars that are just a concept, they don’t exist. Many companies give licenses to game developers to feature their concept cars in games. Some of these cars become a reality but most of them were left in the virtual world. They never made it to the real world. Here are the 5 game cars that never made it to the real world.

Citroen GT:

5 Game Cars That Never Made it to Real World

GT by Citroen was developed by Takumi Yamamoto, who is a designer at Citroen, and Kazunori Yamauchi who is a designer at the Gran Turismo franchise. Both worked together to design Citroen GT for Sony’s Gran Turismo game series.

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The director of Citroen was so excited by the idea and design of Citroen GT that they built a copy version of it. It was presented at Paris Motor Show 2008. Some of the Citroen fans thought that Citroen will make other copies too but that remained a dream. Citroen GT was featured in Gran Turismo 5. Unfortunately, it never became a reality.

Mercedes-Benz Vision Gran Turismo:

5 Game Cars That Never Made it to Real World

Another concept car by Mercedes-Benz was designed by Kazunori Yamauchi for the Gran Turismo franchise. The Mercedes-Benz Vision Gran Turismo was a beautiful car in the game. The car was left in the world of Gran Turismo 6.

FZR 2000:

5 Game Cars That Never Made it to Real World

FZR 2000 is one of the concept supercars in the classical Need For Speed II Special Edition. This concept supercar had a speed of 426 KM/h and had great precision and traction control. It was the fastest car in the game. It looked similar to another concept car in 1988 called Pontiac Banshee. FZR 2000 is only unlocked by the cheat code “fzr2000” in the game.

Mazda Furai Concept 2007:


Mazda Furai Concept 2007 debuted as the fifth concept car developed by Mazda. Unfortunately, it was the last concept car developed by them. Mazda Furai 2007 has appeared in many games like Gran Turismo 5 and Asphalt 8. It was revealed in the 2013 Top Gear Show that during the road test of the Mazda Furai, it caught fire and got destroyed by fire in 2008. The fire took 8 minutes to destroy the whole car completely. The Mazda Furai met a sad ending. The remains of the car were taken by Mazda’s Advanced Design Studio in California.

BMW Vision Gran Turismo:


BMW Vision was never designed for real productivity. Every part of this BMW concept car design was constructed from pixels and polygons for Gran Turismo 6. BMW Vision has that aggressive look that caught my eye. The BMW Vision Gran Turismo was also tunable in the game.

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  1. So many more cars than this that never left games.. and how could a concept car not posited by any car manufacturers ever stand a chance at being made?


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