Unravel Sequel: Coming Soon with New Puzzles, Platforming, and Endearing Adventures!

Unravel Sequel is Coming

In February of this year, gamers were introduced to the beautiful and unique puzzle platform game, Unravel. Developed by Coldwood Interactive and published by Electronic Arts (EA), Unravel captured the hearts of players around the world with its charming protagonist, Yarny. Now, EA has announced that a sequel to Unravel is in the works.

Patrick Soderlund, the Executive Vice President of EA, expressed his excitement about working with Coldwood Interactive again. He stated, “Earlier this year, we released Unravel, a one-of-a-kind, physics-based puzzle platformer that captured the hearts of players around the world. The awesomely creative development team at Coldwood Interactive brought tiny, endearing Yarny to life. And since then, it’s been quite incredible to see the community’s love for Yarny, both in the game and beyond.”

While the official announcement from EA did not mention Unravel by name, an email from an EA representative confirmed that this new project is indeed the sequel to Unravel. Fans of the original game can look forward to another adventure with Yarny.

Does Unravel 2 have a story?

One of the major questions fans have is whether Unravel 2 will continue the story of the first game. In the original Unravel, players guided Yarny through a series of levels, each representing a different memory. Along the way, they unraveled the threads of Yarny’s journey and discovered the deeper meaning behind the memories. It is yet to be confirmed if Unravel 2 will follow a similar storytelling approach or introduce a completely new narrative.

What’s the point of Unravel 2?

The gameplay of Unravel 2 is expected to retain the core mechanics of the original game, with players controlling Yarny as they solve puzzles and navigate through the environment. However, the sequel is likely to introduce new features and challenges to keep players engaged. Details about these additions have not been revealed yet, but fans can anticipate a fresh and exciting experience.

Are there ghosts in Unravel 2?

In the first Unravel, ghost-like creatures were encountered in certain levels. These creatures would chase Yarny, adding an element of tension and urgency to the gameplay. It is unknown whether Unravel 2 will feature similar ghost-like enemies or if it will introduce new obstacles for players to overcome. The presence or absence of ghosts will be revealed as more information about the game is unveiled.

How long is the story of Unravel 2?

The length of the story in Unravel 2 is currently unknown. The first game featured several levels, each with its own unique challenges and puzzles. It is expected that the sequel will offer a similar structure, allowing players to embark on a journey that unfolds gradually. The total playtime of Unravel 2 will depend on the complexity of the levels and the player’s ability to solve the puzzles.


Q: When will Unravel 2 be released?

A: The release date for Unravel 2 has not been announced yet. EA has stated that more information will be revealed in due course.

Q: Will Unravel 2 continue the story of the first game?

A: It is uncertain if Unravel 2 will follow the same story as the original game or introduce a new narrative. Fans will have to wait for further details to find out.

Q: What new features can we expect in Unravel 2?

A: Details about new features in Unravel 2 have not been disclosed yet. However, players can anticipate fresh challenges and additions to the gameplay mechanics.

Q: Will Unravel 2 include ghost-like enemies?

A: The presence or absence of ghost-like enemies in Unravel 2 is still unknown. Fans will have to wait for more information to know for sure.

Q: How long will the story of Unravel 2 be?

A: The length of Unravel 2’s story is yet to be determined. It will depend on the number of levels and the complexity of the puzzles within the game.

Q: Can I expect the same beautiful visuals in Unravel 2?

A: Unravel 2 is expected to feature the same stunning visuals that made the first game so appealing. The developers at Coldwood Interactive are known for their attention to detail and aesthetic design.


The announcement of a sequel to Unravel has generated excitement among fans of the original game. While many details about Unravel 2 are still unknown, gamers can look forward to another heartfelt and visually striking adventure with Yarny. As EA and Coldwood Interactive continue to reveal more information, anticipation for the release of Unravel 2 will only grow.


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