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Fitbit Has Announced a New Feature Named Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification but Only Available in the U.s.a? Here’s a Detailed Explanation for You.

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Recently Fitbit has announced a new feature named irregular heart rhythm monitor for its users. And if you want to know how this feature works then you are in the right place. Let me enlighten you about its usage and why it is introduced. so with it said, let’s start the article.

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Starting this month Fitbit confirmed that they are rolling out a new feature in its 9 products. It is named Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification. The rolling out products include the Sense and Charge 5. The U.S.A FDA has granted this company the clearance for sending signs of Atrial Fibrillation.

Now One gets an irregular heart rhythm notification via his/her smartwatches. Irregular Heart Rhythm notification means that if you have any kind of irregular heart issue then you will be notified immediately. And Atrial Fibrillation is one of the most known forms of irregular heart rhythm.

As per 9 to 5 Google data, in the U.S.A every year 5 million people get affected due to this. And if we talk about the whole world then as per Fitbit around 33 million are getting affected per year. However, as per Fitbit, those people with Atrial Fibrillation are at higher risk of a stroke and heart attack. So if you are conscious about your heart then this product is best for you.

Image credit- 9to5google

Fitbit has used unique technology that relies on Fitbit’s PPG algorithm. This technology is similar to electrocardiogram reading(ECG). But it does not require similar heavy hardware which is very good. The company claims that with this technology devices can identify the problem with 98% accuracy.

However, Fitbit has confirmed this feature is only available for the U.S.A region. So it means that people from other regions can not access this feature. Behind Fitbit’s decision, we can assume the FDA decision is playing the role. But Fitbit has also stated that they will soon launch this feature for everyone outside the USA.

The company has also given updates on the feature. As per Fitbit, you need to update your mobile Fitbit app to get the notification. The notification will appear on the “Today” or “Discovery” tab on the app home screen. Fitbit however recommends you to check the app regularly for updates. After waking up in the morning you will see the notification on the Fitbit app.

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