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One Piece Chapter 1047 Release date, [READ MANGA ONLINE]

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The spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1047 have finally been leaked, and as has been the case in recent issues, there are some major revelations in store. The biggest question is whether Gol D. Roger, the former Pirate King, had a Devil Fruit or not.

The manga One Piece Chapter 1047 is going to have a mesmerizing storyline. The series has crossed 1000 chapters, and its popularity ranking continues on the upsurge as well!

Long before One Piece Chapter 1047’s spoilers, Roger’s Devil Fruit status was a hot topic of discussion and speculation. With the release of the first spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1047, fans can now confirm his status as a non-Devil Fruit user.

After a two-week hiatus, One Piece Chapter 1047 spoilers revive the enthusiasm.

As previously said, spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1047 were just published, and with them came some major surprises. Etenboby published these spoilers via the WorstGen forums, indicating that notable One Piece spoiler leaker Redon is still on hiatus from being the primary leaker. The disclosures were later confirmed by Redon via his Apforums account.

Saitama is a man who has been through an existential crisis and now fights for the sheer enjoyment of it. He can destroy his opponents with one blow, but he doesn’t enjoy doing so because there are no challenges in fighting anymore.

The spoilers were then assembled into a graphic by Twitter user @Orojapan1, which was then shared on Twitter, as seen above. The color cover spread, which depicts the Straw Hats and Momonosuke in his dragon form on a beach, is the first spoiler.

Momonosuke begins the chapter with a flashback to when he initially decided to time travel in the burning Oden castle. This will almost certainly include a dialogue between him and his mother, Toki Kozuki, which will be revealed at a later date.

The issue then appears to return to the Skull Dome Rooftop for more Kaido vs. Luffy action. The latter employs a technique known as Gum-Gum Thunder, which is most likely the lightning bolt strike that finished the previous chapter.

Kaido explains that Roger was not a Devil Fruit user after the attack lands, implying that the two continue chatting after the attack lands. He also claims that “skills,” which he most likely refers to Devil Fruit abilities, are not required to conquer the world. Unfortunately, this disproves numerous fan ideas regarding Roger possessing the Weather-Weather Fruit.

The perspective then appears to abruptly shift to Hiyori and Orochi, with the latter, tragically, escaping death yet again. Despite the fact that he’s still on fire, the Sea Prism Stone nail embedded in his side has managed to come out. He’s changed now and is apparently prepared to attack Hiyori.

Readers are transported back up to the Skull Dome Rooftop for one last dose of Luffy against Kaido at the end of the chapter. The former is shown forming a massive fist, larger than Onigashima’s, with which he intends to assault Kaido. The complete Weekly Shonen Jump magazine will not be published next week, therefore there will be a pause.


One Piece Chapter 1047 appears to be on track to deliver a dose of long-awaited, highly-anticipated information to fans, as has been the case with recent issues. Furthermore, practically every fan of the series will always be delighted by the continual exhibition of action in Luffy against Kaido.

One big issue raised by these disclosures is what appears to be Orochi’s continued survival. One of the most prominent criticisms leveled against One Piece and its author Eiichiro Oda is his seeming aversion to killing off characters and keeping them dead. The nasty Achilles’ heel appears to be there once more in this forthcoming issue.



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