Frontier Season 4: Release Date Confirmed and Coming Next Month? Exciting Plot Teased by Jason Mamoa

Frontier, the historical fiction drama starring Jason Momoa, is one of Netflix’s most underappreciated shows. Despite a dedicated fanbase hoping for more, it appears season 4 is unlikely to materialize years after the show’s quiet cancellation.

What We Know About Frontier Season 4 So Far

Frontier followed fur trapper Declan Harp (Momoa) fighting corrupt powers in 18th century Canada. It ran for 3 seasons on Netflix as an original co-production with Discovery Canada, last airing in November 2018.

In 2019, mixed signals emerged about season 4 renewal:

  • Jason Momoa enthusiastically referenced new episodes in social media posts, implying renewal.
  • However, co-star Jessica Matten later posted that season 4 was not happening.
  • Momoa also posted “Rest in Peace Declan,” referring to his character, suggesting cancellation.

Officially, neither Netflix nor Discovery Canada have confirmed cancellation. But after over 3 years since season 3, season 4 appears improbable. Creators like Rob Blackie have moved on to new projects.

While disappointing for fans, Frontier still represents one of Netflix’s best international co-productions. Its lasting legacy is cemented, even if season 4 never materializes.

The North America Fur Trade scenario is depicted in this series in which the native of Canada fought back against the monopoly market of Lord Benton. Its first season premiered on 6th November 2016 on Canada’s discovery channel and the most significant international network, Netflix.

The audience highly praised the way of its storytelling. Along with that, due to its fantastic presentation of the cast to be recognized in the historical period, this series won the Best Achievement in a Make-up award at Canadian Screen Awards.

Examining Why Frontier Was Quietly Cancelled by Netflix

Jason Momoa in Frontier

Several factors potentially contributed to Netflix cancelling Frontier:

  • High production costs: The period drama required lavish sets and costumes to authentically depict the 18th century fur trade. This made it expensive to produce compared to many Netflix shows.
  • Niche appeal: While the show earned a cult following, its darker, mature tone prevented mainstream success. It remained a hidden gem rather than a breakout hit.
  • Declining viewership: Audience numbers steadily dropped season to season, though Netflix doesn’t release official viewing metrics.
  • Momoa’s rising star power: As Momoa’s fame grew tremendously starring in Aquaman, Netflix likely couldn’t afford him anymore.
  • Tepid reviews: Critics gave the show average reviews, hurting its renewal changes despite its loyal fanbase.
  • Tax incentives expired: Canadian tax credits that offset production costs were revoked, increasing expenses.

Despite these challenges, Frontier developed a reputation for gritty action and nuanced characters that make its untimely end so frustrating for devoted fans.

Frontier’s Macro Historical Fiction Formula

Frontier took a novel approach to historical fiction. Rather than focus on famous figures, it explored macro historical forces through a fictional lens.

Key elements of the show’s formula included:

  • Centering on everyday trappers navigating real historical change in the fur trade and colonialism. The story transcended one time and place.
  • Incorporating indigenous characters and tackling their complex relationship with European settlers.
  • Portraying the morally grey underside of pioneer life, from brutal trader wars to social inequality and corruption.
  • Balancing grand scenery and action with human drama and character study.
  • Building an authentic sense of time and place through meticulous production design.
  • Merging Hollywood excitement with anthropological insights into how regular people shaped the 18th century.

This contributed to an engrossing experience that provided both entertainment and perspective on the past.

Frontier (2016 TV Series) Recap:

At the beginning of Season 1, we meet Jason Momoa as Declan Harp. He was a fur salesman at the time. He had a dispute with Lord Benton, who was wicked. To fight the Hudson’s Bay Company, Benton teamed up with Michael, his sister-in-law Sokanon, and Grace.

Harp tried to prevent Benton from such a horrible game, but he was ignored by Benton, who tortured him like a monster. He assassinated his son while his wife was pregnant. Harp was able to break free from prison with the help of Sokanon at the end of the season, but he couldn’t completely prevent the worst-case situation.

Frontier season 2 was more exciting, dramatic, and stunning after learning from the first season’s event. All audience happiness has been compensated for by eye-catching technology and narrative breakthroughs.

Many people were moved by Harp’s mysterious gesture. Benton was able to travel to England thanks to Everton’s generosity. Michael planned to make money off of Black Wolf. Harp, on the other hand, was captured at the end of the season by a Siberian horde.

Frontier season 3 delivered on the anticipated tension and brutality. Frontier Season 2 has received several improvements, according to critics of Frontier Season 1. In season 3, the crew emphasized the importance of making this series a success, which became clear.

Classical Plot Of Frontier

The classical theme of Frontier managed to book a special place in the heart of the viewers. Moreover, every season makes some sensational revelations about Canadian and North American history. So, the intriguing plots left a profound impact when the audiences realized that the protagonist is a negative character in the series. This is very different from most of the shows, becoming a reason for more attraction.

Are you also waiting for the fourth and final season of the historical drama? Here is the good news about its quick entry on your OTT platform. Already three years have passed since the premiere of the show. Hence, the audience is now super-excited to watch something new and thrilling. The makers keep that in mind and frame the episodes accordingly to gather more appreciation from the global public. People wished to have Season 4 of the show to get a complete picture of the story. To know about the release dates, please keep checking this content.

Why Fans Want More of Frontier

Beyond its original take on history, Frontier attracted passionate fans for additional reasons like:

  • Jason Momoa’s gritty and nuanced performance as Declan Harp at the height of his early career.
  • Kinetic action scenes and sequences conveying the visceral fur trade.
  • A diverse cast of complex, flawed characters trying to survive harsh conditions.
  • Twists and turns keeping the storyline unpredictable against a sweeping backdrop.
  • The blend of adventure, drama, and timely social commentary.
  • The rich world-building and attention to historical detail in sets, props, and costumes.

For these reasons, many viewers formed an emotional connection to Frontier and still hope to revisit its cold, unforgiving version of colonial Canada.

Frontier Season 4 Release Date And Cast

Unfortunately, a surprise revival seems unlikely this long after cancellation. The show would face the same challenging economics that led to its demise.

However, fans can still appreciate Frontier’s impressive three-season run that came to an unplanned but thoughtful conclusion. The door isn’t fully shut on Declan Harp’s story continuing one day in some form, even if season 4 is a long shot at this point.

Until official word comes from Netflix or Discovery Canada, the possibility of more Frontier endures as a distant dream for its deserted but no less devoted fans.

In 2018, with the third season of Frontier, the maker did not make any announcements regarding any further seasons. So, officially, this was the end of the show. However, the audience was not happy to accept Season 3 as the final one of this incredible series.

Although no official confirmation has been made, it seems highly unlikely that the series will be renewed for a fourth season. This is mainly because Discovery Canada, which co-produces the show, declined to renew their license for the series in 2016. This means that Netflix, which has first-run rights to the show in the U.S., would have to produce the entire series on its own if it wanted to continue with it.

Given the high cost of production and the declining ratings, it seems unlikely that they will choose to do so. Additionally, Jason Momoa, who played the lead role of Declan Harp, has said that he does not think the show will be renewed. In an Instagram post, he said he was “confident” that the show would return and was “planning” for that eventuality.

However, he has since deleted the post and now says that he does not think it will be renewed. Based on all of this evidence, it seems safe to say that the series is indeed canceled.

Even after a hint from the Instagram handle that the next season will be very dark, no one saw a new season of Frontier coming up. So, it was understood that the makers decided to cancel the launch of any other season as the demand was not much compared to most of the other shows on Netflix. No official notification is there regarding the show’s comeback on Netflix by the makers or the authorities. However, thinking optimistically and waiting for a mind-blowing fourth season will not be wrong.

The first season of Frontier streamed on Netflix in 2016, followed by the second season in 2017 and the third season in 2018. The season’s continuity made expected the fans for its fourth renewal in 2019, but it won’t happen. Later, the initial date of Frontier season 4 was declared as 14th July 2020, but the global coronavirus outbreaks profoundly affected the season’s procedure.

Even when the Instagram handle hinted that the upcoming season would be pretty gloomy, no one expected a new season of Frontier to air. As a result, it was assumed that the creators chose to cancel the release of any future seasons due to low demand compared to most other Netflix shows.

As far as the cast is concerned, most of the characters are expected to remain the same as in the previous episodes. This is because the fourth season’s craze emerged in the viewers’ brains due to the dramatic conclusion of Season 3. Moreover, Lord Benton is one of the crucial characters of the show. Hence, although not planned earlier, it now seems that Alun Armstrong will again entertain you with his incredible acting skills. Thus, expecting all the characters to return with a bang for the new season’s final and more gripping episodes will not be wrong.

Do you want to know about the final Cast of Frontier Season 4? Then, here is the information to eliminate all your queries.

Jason Momoa

Landon Liboiron

Alun Armstrong

Jessica Matten

Greg Bryk

Zoe Boyle

Shawn Doyle

However, some new characters can also become part of this show with brand-new faces. Let us hope that an official announcement will soon be on air regarding the cast and launch of the Fourth season.

Frontier Season 4 Expected Plot: What is going to happen?

The end of Frontier season 3 got to be admired the most by its fans. Now all the fans of Frontier (2016 TV Series) are curious to know what will happen in the upcoming season. The last season got finished with Deacon Harp. So, the forthcoming season would be continuing from the same. The plot of season 4 that you can expect is to interestingly watch the development of the disputes between Declan Harp and Hudson Bay Company.

In Season 3, the public saw the intense disputes between Hudson Bay Company and Deacon. However, the relationship between the two did not come to any conclusion. Moreover, Deacon also made many resolutions for the New Year.

So, the fans are eager to know the subsequent consequences after deciding on these resolutions. Whether Deacon can fulfill all of them or not is the main center of attraction for the upcoming plot of Season 4. As the previous season ended with suspense, a new season is inevitable to clear out several doubts. Now, you can only wait for confirmation from Netflix.

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