Scott Kelly, a Former Astronaut, Launches the First Nft and Raises $500,000 to Assist Ukraine.


Scott Kelly, a Former Astronaut, Launches the First Nft and Raises $500,000 to Assist Ukraine.

Meet former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, who has memorialized his time in space via art. The record-setting flyer left behind a collection of memories while aboard the International Space Station for 340 days between 2015 and 2016–now he’s launched “Dreams Out Of This World,” an original piece that will inspire others to reach up high as it did for him when growing up modest beginnings pave the way towards greatness!

“This is something that I have always believed in,” he said. “The power of inspiration, when done correctly for the right person at exactly their perfect time with guidance from a trusted source has extraordinary results.”

Kelly’s enthusiasm for NFTs (non-fungible tokens) is infectious. He sees these pieces of data, stored in a digital ledger called blockchain that represent unique assets as an important part of our emerging metaverse and wants people to get acquainted with this somewhat confusing new world.” I think they’re going be big parts if our future,” said Kelly referring also a cryptocurrency, blockchain and finally adding “so it seemed like the right time for me to get involved.”

Today is International Day of Human Spaceflight, which celebrates cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin’s historic 1961 orbital mission. To celebrate this occasion we have a collaboration with the content creation studio Orange Comet that consists entirely of pieces showing Kelly in space and reimagined earth behind her ranging from photography to paintings all done statistics show there has been an increase of over 400% for people wanting access into outer-space tourist industry since 2020 alone!

The auction was scheduled to continue for three days, on the NFT marketplace OpenSea. But in just a few hours he had raised over half a million dollars! Kelly said that his pride is worth more than any money earned from this event because it enables him and others like himself across Ukraine who have suffered greatly during these times as they try desperately to hold onto their culture while being bombarded by enemies both foreign AND domestic – “I’m proud,” wrote kelly tweet today dismissing claims of success simply due out

The Ukraine efforts of The Global Empowerment Mission (GEM), a nonprofit organization that helps disaster-stricken nations and communities have received an overwhelming show of support with the release of our initial drop. With all net proceeds going towards these victims, we hope to make some small difference as they continue their recovery process; Thank You!

“We are overwhelmed by Scott and the team’s generous donation which has allowed us to provide much-needed relief in the form of medical supplies. Their creative efforts will go a long way towards improving patient care,” Capponi said, commenting on how important each contribution is for sustaining this organization’s endeavors.

Kelly has been a vocal opponent of Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, continually blasting the issue to bring attention back onto herself. One new “Dreams Out Of This World” piece shows Kelly’s famous blue-and-yellow flag rising high off Earth as she continues fighting for what is right and true with strength

The reference should not come as any kind of surprise given her history – though one can’t help but feel sorry when they see this powerful image which seems ultimately reflective both spiritually (with regards to religious belief) AND geographically

Kelly’s tweet about the Russian people and their support for Putin has doomed them to a bleak future.

Kelly no longer holds the American record for longest continuous human spaceflight, by a long shot. NASA’s Mark Vande Hei broke it recently and came home on March 30 after an incredible 355-day stay aboard our planet’s International Space Station!

Though she is far from being bitter about losing her top spot as EA astronaut to someone else who will be taking over these duties soon enough – many proud moments still lay ahead in store with what they call deep-space exploration where we can all explore together right here nearby Earth…

“This is a great accomplishment,” he said with enthusiasm. ” Records are meant to be broken, and I’m happy that we’re moving forward by witnessing this.”

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