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Shailene Woodley and Zendaya Split Roles in Spider Man 3, Woodley COMING BACK AGIN?

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The big news at the moment was that Shailene Woodley was in talks to reprise her role as MJ in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 alongside Andrew Garfield, who plays Spider-Man. Though mentioning the part that Mary Jane Watson was set to appear in Amazing Spider-Man and though this was the plan, the role of the character was then cut from the movie when the final version was put through and Gwen was found to be the best one to fit in the movie, MCU has been thorough whenever it comes to the cast members.

Shailene Woodley’s footage was cut from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 because she might have distracted attention away from Emma Stone. She no longer appears in the superhero epic, but her performance remains intact and focuses on how Spidey regards Gwen Stacy – not just with adoration as fans know it now; rather than fear or anger either which gives insight into their relationship dynamics more so than ever before!

Also, there were some preparations in the works for MJ to appear in the sequel to Amazing Spider-Man, but things did not go as planned for the character, and the sequel of the film continued with Gwen stepping forward as Peter Parker’s main love interest once again.

Mary Jane in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 is expected to star Shailene Woodley.

Shailene Woodley was picked to play Mary Jane, and she stated that the personality was also cast in the role, but she did not obtain the opportunity due to the fact that it kept shifting at the time, and the personality did not appear in the Marvel film. Furthermore, a number of people on the internet commented that they would love to see Shailene take on the role and that she would be a fantastic fit for the role. For the first time, Kirsten Dunst took on the part of Mary Jane, and she received rave reviews for her portrayal of the character.

Though it was implied by the end of Amazing Spider-Man 2 that Gwen has died, there are talks of Amazing Spider-Man 3 happening at the time, which basically means that another major character will be stepping forward at the time, and the audience suspects that Shailene Woodley will reprise her role in The Amazing Spider-Man 3, which will undoubtedly be a big opportunity for the personality as she will be playing a major character from the Spider-Man comics.

Nothing has been confirmed by the authorities on this point so far, but we can imagine it happening at the time because Shailene previously stated that she would love to portray Mary Jane someday, and this would be the perfect occasion.

The public would also be interested in seeing Shailene Woodley’s take on the character, as she has been a part of a number of major films in the past, and the Amazing Spider-Man 3 might be a significant one for her. It remains to be seen what further updates and information will be released at the moment, as well as how Shailene Woodley will fill the part of Mary Jane in the next film.

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