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Hometop trendingThe 'idol' Music Video for BTS's "Free Fire" Is Now Available.

The ‘idol’ Music Video for BTS’s “Free Fire” Is Now Available.

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With the collaboration between Free Fire and BTS being promoted in many different ways, both inside of the game as well as outside it through their social media platforms- this has been one way that they have shown how much love there is for these two groups who work so closely together.

The 'idol' Music Video for BTS's "Free Fire" Is Now Available.


The battle royale game, Free Fire has released a music video featuring the band’s song “Idol.” The original track already accumulated over one billion views on YouTube before it was remixed for this new collaboration with Korean boy group Garena! This allowed them to create an entirely different visual experience in which characters and scenery from their title appear alongside visuals inspired by Bollywood movies like ” diverted” (2015).

In a world where most games are content to have their events span just one or two days, Garena has gone all out with “The Free Fire x BTS Show.” The company invested not only in combining virtual and real-life activities but also in designing costumes for the members’ characters as they hosted an episode each time it occurred during this event.

Fantastic work by both parties involved here – I loved seeing what those wearing Kpop outfits looked like outside of music videos!

Global music icons have been partnering with Free Fire to bring their fans into the game. In 2019, DJ Alok became a character and released an exclusive song that was played live during one of his concerts hosted by FFWS (Free fire world series). This year it’s KSHMR’s turn for the alter ego in this fun online video platform where you can play songs from your favorite artists as if they were real-life musical performances!

The next round of Free Fire x BTS event surprises is expected to be announced soon.

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