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Code Geass

Code Geass is a Japanese television series produced by Sunrise. It was directed by Goro Taniguchi and was written by Ichiro Okouchi, with original characters designed by Clamp. Code Geass was broadcast in Japan on MBS from October 2006 to July 2007. Its sequel series, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2, ran as a simulcast on MBS and TBS from April to September 2008.

The series is well known for its high-quality animation and immersive plot, which has led to its wide acclaim and numerous awards. However, although the series is over a decade old, it still gathers a lot of attraction from its fans and audiences, and critics alike, which is a testament to its high quality.

10 Best Geass in Code Geass

1. Geass Cancel

Jeremiah’s unique anti-Geass power was granted via cybernetic implants, allowing him to cancel another nearby Geass. Unlike some effects of its, his doesn’t require any eye contact and can penetrate physical barriers.

It can also perform a sport of healing by repairing minds and memories damaged by Geass.

2. Transfer of Soul

After being mortally wounded a lot, Marianne’s unique skill and ability let her despite her soul into Anya’s body and give her near-immortality. Her powers also let her communicate with C.C. telepathically, and it also notes that she may have been able to return her body if it were kept unharmed.

During the last moments of her, Anya’s Alstreim’s power manifested, by enabling her to transfer into a new self.

3. Invisibility

The only time when we can see Elisa in the light novel Fragments of the Mosaic, but however, she then also possesses a superpower that makes her translucid. Also, by making objects disappear, and can also make things appear whenever she wants, but the overuse of this ability and can result in becoming permanently active and can be showcased the danger of Geass.

4. Disguise

Like. most of the superpowers, Orpheus’s Geass makes the target as people think that they are seeing someone else in Code Geass, Oz the Reflection, as we know that he can easily take the appearance of one another anytime he wants. Activating his ability again can result in it not working again for an hour. It works only for five minutes at a time, and he cannot appear like one another for an hour.

This skill of his is not as effective as the other Geass, Though it is not a big deal.

5. Failed One

Shamna claims that to have an ability to have a vision of the future of others, however, that is not actually true; she goes back to six hours every time she dies, indicating the future events. So, she always knows the strategy that you are going to play against, making her a cunning strategist.

6. Seal of Absolute Sound

Mao’s one of their most interesting and unique abilities is to outwit Lelouch’s plan by anticipating his next move. It has a powerful effect that can penetrate even the most powerful trickery, Lelouch’s attempt to think so many thoughts at a time do not seem to keep Mao from coming up with a plan.

Mao’s overuse of the skill can also cause it to go into a wild mode, by making Mao permanently active in crowded areas, which is too much dangerous for Mao.

7. Memory Alteration

Charles Zi Britannia, Lelouch’s father, complements his brutal political power, with the same ferocious Geass. Britannia reveals that he can easily rewrite memories after capturing Lelouch by Suzaku Kururugi after when he failed to defeat him in the Black Rebellion. Charles can change Lelouche’s personality two times, first by changing him into Julius Kingsley for making him harmless and afterward by changing Leolauch’s all memories to make him again harmless.

Code Geass

8. Love Geass

C.C’s original powers reflect her deepest desire, to be, loved, though before becoming the eternal witch who made the contract with Lelouch.

It started in her left eye before spreading to both of her and rendering C.C. unapproachable. Because of the attacks on the nun and forced her to use her Cod of immorality, C.C.’s ghost no longer possessed her ability to affect her victims and causing it to use them against her and kill her.

9. Seal of Absolute Suspension

This series was introduced by Rolo Haliburton in Season 2. He was one of the Geass Order agents who was charged with monitoring Lelouch after his father brainwashed him.

Rolo’s sense of time also weakens his ability much time to strike the objects, such as bullets. Though, he can stop any creature in its tracks so that he can escape or attack. As if the effect stops his heart, he can only use it for a very short time.

10. Power of Absolute Obedience

Lelouch has so many limitations to his abilities to command absolute obedience. However, he can easily command anyone to obey his command, but it only works once. In addition to that, it requires direct eye contact between him and another person. Later, when Lelouch’s sister ordered the massacre of the Japanese, Lelouch’s Geass became uncontrollable.

Code Geass

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