Engage Kiss Episode 3 Release Date Revealed: Updated Information on the Secrets of Government.

Project Engage

Engage Kiss is a Japanese media project created by Aniplex and written by Fumiaki Maruto and the series titled Engage Kiss that premiered in July 2022.

Characters of the series include:

  • Shu Ogata
  • Sharon Holy grail
  • Kisara
  • Miles Morgan
  • Linhua Hachisuka
  • Mikhail Hachisuka


The mobile game developed by Square Enix titled Engage Kill has been announced recently.

Bayron City – a Mega float city in the Pacific Ocean is known for Orgonium, a new energy resource. As the city is growing in popularity and the cause of sudden incidents are caused by demons called D Hazards.

She lives in a city and runs a tiny company that is generally supported by Kisara, a high schooler.  Ayano is represented as an employee of a company that Shu used to work for.

Kisara’s strong attachment to Shu is a contract signed between them and the uncertain bond represented.

The series inspired an anime adaptation that consists of three seasons and the fourth season aired on April 8, 2022, inspired a film and centered on Kurumi Tokisaki. Dare-Kare Scramble is the opening theme song to “Engage Kiss” that was performed by halacha.

Oregonian, new energy resources are special case caused by demons called “D Hazards” has initiated about the existence of D Hazards and are simultaneously handled by Private Military Companies as a young man run by a company with tiny essence.

High school girl Kisara attended a school in Bayron City as a strong attachment to Shu with a contract signed. To support the Shu’s lifestyle and assistance that demons are based on the contract.

Mayor Hachisuka mentions the high standard of living with economic status and the endless opportunities give a generous level of Orgonium for a source. Hachisuka’s words ring for the criminals hidden in the shadows as a reference to speeches.

The protagonist Ogata Shu is showcased as a monster hunter with the anime adaption. Shu and Denji are represented as desperate boys who are gone into splits between the alternative worlds with the ruling underclass.

Shu is split into loyal to the demon-represented department of Bayron City’s government that gradually follows orders with the demon ally Kisara that follows the lead as the differentiated own version of Nezuko or Power that relies on the department and the connections as a reference to make money and survive linkup that has no position to violate the fights for justice’s sake.

Kashima Yoshito had a contract for an assassin monster while Shu ultimately rejects Yoshito.

Engage Kiss Episode 3 is most likely to release on 17th July at 12:30 A.M. Engage Kiss Episode 3 all episodes are most likely to release on the Crunchyroll Streaming Site. Stay tuned for more exclusive updates.

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