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The Console-exclusive Ubisoft+ Subscription Service May Finally Be Available. Check Out for Detailed Information

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Sri ragavi newton
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The discovery of evidence suggests that Ubisoft may soon offer its Ubisoft+ subscription service on consoles.

New evidence suggests that the subscription service Ubisoft+ may soon be available on consoles. In 2019, Ubisoft+, formerly known as Uplay Plus, debuted for the first time on PC.

Know more about the Ubisoft+ subscription

It granted access to a collection of Ubisoft games, including early versions of some of the company’s most popular titles. Except for a limited PlayStation Plus benefit, the service has never been available on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. However, that may soon change.

The possibility of Ubisoft+ being made available for consoles has been rumored for some time. In August 2022, a leaker said that Ubisoft+ news was coming soon. This took place a few months after PlayStation Plus included the Ubisoft+ Classics game collection in the Extra and Premium subscriptions.

However, there was never an announcement, possibly as a result of Ubisoft’s unexpected delays. There has certainly been a lot going on lately for the publisher.

Xbox platform scrapers have discovered evidence that Ubisoft+ may be coming to consoles soon, despite the fact that there has not yet been an announcement regarding its arrival. It seems that 24 different Xbox games have been given the Ubisoft+ tag.

Far Cry 6, Riders Republic, and the well-known Assassin’s Creed Valhalla are among these. There is clearly more to this story given that Ubisoft+’s library contains well over 100 games. However, it is still evidence of some kind of movement.

At this time, there is no proof that Ubisoft+ will come to PlayStation. However, it is assumed that if Ubisoft+ launches on Xbox, it will likely also launch on PlayStation. That makes some sense, but Ubisoft could make different deals with PlayStation and Xbox. For the time being, PlayStation may prefer to stick with the Ubisoft+ Classic arrangement alone.

Additionally, a strange report about a GOG survey that mentioned various Ubisoft+ tiers surfaced this past week. Since Ubisoft+ doesn’t have different tiers at the moment, some people thought it meant that Ubisoft+ would relaunch with different subscription options. If Ubisoft wanted to make a bigger deal of its Ubisoft+ changes, this could also be evidence of console plans.

There is currently no official confirmation that Ubisoft+ will be available on other platforms or undergo any changes. Even if there is going to be an announcement, it might only be about new PC tiers or the Xbox One. Given the recent cancellations and delays of games, Ubisoft could certainly use some exciting news soon.


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