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Kanye West Said ‘Skete is Dead’ and Celebrates Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson Breakup, Kim Kardashian Pissed.

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Rosie Harris
Rosie Harris
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Despite the breakup of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, Kanye’s criticism of the comedian continues, as shown by his most recent post.

Kanye West seems ecstatic that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are splitting up. Ye, 45, posted on Instagram on Monday morning to commemorate the end of the couple’s nine-month relationship (August 8). He distributed a false front-page New York Times article titled “SKETE DAVIDSON DEAD AT AGE 28.” Kanye’s critical post, the only one at the moment on his Instagram profile, had no caption.

Ye returned to Instagram on Monday, the same site from which he had previously been temporarily suspended, and posted a fake New York Times headline stating, “Skete Davidson Dead at Age 28.”

Kanye didn’t include a message or anything else, but it’s safe to infer that he posted the picture to commemorate Kim and Pete’s separation, which was announced last week.

Kanye, who has four kids with Kim, 41, disapproved of the relationship between his ex-wife and Pete, 28. Earlier this year, he was calling out the former cast member of Saturday Night Live in his song lyrics and on social media. Kim expressed concern for Pete’s safety in response to Ye’s threats, which Ye inexorably leaked to his Instagram. Ye reportedly stopped publicly criticizing Kim and Pete in March after informing Kim that he would be “getting help” during that time.

Ye published a rare Instagram post on Monday, August 8, criticizing his ex-ex-boyfriend wife’s directly. The article includes an imitation New York Times with the fictitious headline, “Skete Davidson Dead at Age 28.” Kanye went one step farther and even targeted Kid Cudi, his other archenemy. The phrase “Kid Cudi planned to play funeral but frightened of bottle throwers” appears at the bottom of the page and alludes to Cudi’s recent Rolling Loud Miami concert, during which he left the stage after being struck by objects thrown from the audience.

Ye is obviously happy about the recent reports that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson split after a nine-month relationship. Several Kanye memes depicting Ye pleased about the news of the Kim K. and Pete split went viral over the weekend.

Kanye not only criticized Pete in the tweet but also Kid Cudi, with whom he had a falling out when Cudi persisted in hanging out with Pete while he was dating Kim. Kid Cudi intended to play the funeral but were afraid of the bottle throwers, according to the line.

North, nine, Saint, six, Chicago, four, and Psalm, three, will continue to be raised by Kim and Kanye as joint parents. While Pete was gone in Australia filming a new movie, their co-parenting relationship was becoming better. According to the insider, Pete’s absence in Australia has everything to do with Kim and Kanye’s current peaceful co-parenting arrangement, which was revealed late in July, before Kim and Pete’s breakup, to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.

The insider continued, “Kanye is presently residing at his home in Malibu and has been spending a lot of time with the kids. According to Kim, he frequently visits Kim’s home for supper with the kids and feels at ease being there when Pete isn’t home.

As we previously mentioned, Cudi left the stage at Rolling Loud Miami last month as a result of rowdy concertgoers continuing to pelt him with objects.

Pete Davidson and Kanye had a falling out, frequently appearing on social media. In the music video for The Game’s song “Eazy,” Kanye furthered his criticism of Pete by kidnapping and burying the former SNL star. Due in part to remarks he was making against Pete, whom he referred to as “Skete,” Kanye was also temporarily banned from Instagram for 24 hours.

Kanye and Kim are still attempting to resolve their divorce. Kanye is seeking for a new divorce attorney after his last one just announced her resignation, citing an irreparably damaged attorney-client relationship with Kanye.


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