Beyond Meat Coo Arrested for Biting Nose after college football match, Person Hospitalized?

This is a developing story, but Doug Ramsey, the COO of Beyond Meat, has been arrested for biting a man’s nose after an Arkansas football game. Beyond Meat is a company that specializes in producing plant-based meat substitutes, so this story is definitely shocking.

Apparently, Ramsey got into his Bronco after the game and was trying to leave the parking lot when a driver stopped him in a Subaru. The two men got into some sort of altercation, and at some point Ramsey allegedly bit the other man’s nose.

He has been arrested and charged with third-degree battery. It’s unclear what led to the incident or what will happen next, but this story is definitely strange and surprising.

That’s all it allegedly took for Ramsey to go ballistic, jumping out of his whip and allegedly punching through the back windshield of the Subaru. The owner of the Subaru apparently didn’t take kindly to that, and got out himself and started punching Ramsey.

Ramsey’s response … according to the police report, he “bit the owner’s nose, ripping the flesh off the tip of the nose.” The Subaru driver says Ramsey also threatened to kill him. Ramsey was arrested on charges of making terroristic threats and 3rd-degree battery. Witnesses at the scene say that the altercation started when Ramsey cut off the Subaru in traffic, and the driver honked his horn at Ramsey in frustration.

But whatever the cause, there’s no justification for such a violent reaction. Let’s hope Ramsey gets the help he needs to deal with his anger issues before someone gets seriously hurt – or worse.

BTW … Kim Kardashian recently became a spokesperson for Beyond Meat. As for that relationship … who nose? Given Ms. Kardashian’s huge social media platform, it’s safe to say that Beyond Meat is hoping to tap into her vast and influential following. But it’s not just Beyond Meat that stands to benefit from this partnership.

Ms. Kardashian is also getting something out of the deal: a chance to be associated with a company that is on the cutting edge of the plant-based meat market. Beyond Meat is one of the leading producers of plant-based meat products, and its products are sold in over 50,000 stores across the globe. So, for Ms. Kardashian, partnering with Beyond Meat is a way to align herself with a trend that is quickly gaining traction. Whether or not this partnership will be successful remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: it’s certainly an interesting pairing.


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