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After a Hustle in Gaming Stream Platforms Finally Stadia Came to an End? Know The Details

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Google, surely heard of this name (Naam to suna hi hoga), this dialogue is not enough to meet the value of google in our life. As chrome, google meet, play store to download apps, Gray to send money, YouTube a popular video streaming platform, etc, this list will go long.

Why google entered into gaming streaming platforms?

Google alone is already a trillion-dollar company so why does it want to enter the gaming market?

So, google own a lot of small companies but the main revenue model for google is through ads so to multiply the revenue sources google tried a lot of failed attempts and they could enter the popular streaming model as it can generate a lot amount for the company but the streaming area is already captured by Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney hot star and google can’t compete them now.

So, for that reason, they choose gaming as competitors are fewer and gaming stream platforms are not that big yet. The popular platforms are XBOX, sony PS4, and Nintendo and google may manage to enter in this streaming model successfully with its unique idea.

Aim of google stadia in the streaming platform

For that reason Google introduces Stadia, a cloud streaming device and Phil Harrison, the Vice President and General Manager of Stadia states that out of all the gaming streaming platforms no one was able to meet a different screen playing experience.

Stadia’s goal is clear in it allows the player to play their favorite game wherever they are willing to play without any problem.

Initially, it was launched only on Google Pixel devices, and later on, it was available for Android, iOS, and iPhone devices too. If the aim of google stadia is successfully achieved to stream games on any screen. So, google will look forward to working on this platform more.

Generally, Stadia is a simple controller and a  Google Chromecast Ultra. The basic model of the controller is the same as provided by PS4 and XBOX like D-pad buttons, XY buttons controls, etc. but in addition to this stadia provides a Google assistant button, screenshot capture button also a headphone connecting slot.

Reasons for Google Stadia’s downfall

To play through Stadia minimum internet speed required was 15mbps and that may be the reason they launch it only in a few countries. The reason now Stadia is closing is the lack of a game library that allows you to stream games on any screen doesn’t matter if it’s a desktop, android, iOS, etc easily.

you can stream but the lack of this benefit is that the game should be the Stadia version then only it will be possible to stream. Without this, you can’t stream the game. Another reason is that this industry is not yet well set up for cloud gaming.

Also, after a great first impression and positive response stadia never improves much or say except it any screen streaming idea it never grew and that is the main reason for the downfall of Stadia, and now finally after its three years launched it’s going to end on January 18, 2023, and all the purchase of the games will be refunded to the respective players.

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