Ice tea Labs Created a New Term Called ‘initial Fan Offering’, or Ifo, for the Global Web3 Community.

Ice tea Labs, the premier Web 3 incubator, recently introduced a new web3 term called Initial Fan Offering (IFO), which will offer the first stake pool on October 25th, 2022, with the promise of an attractive discount for holders and early birds.

IFO’s genesis

Initial Fan Offering is what it stands for: Become a fan, support projects, and gain tokens. You contribute to the project by performing easy activities. IFO is created to enlist supporters of the project who will aid in its growth. Distributions of the first tokens are merited. For the first time, the team develops a new scheme called “Initial Fan Offering – where project tokens are granted to real fans” to support this conviction.

Participants will benefit from joining IFO in the following ways:

  • Become a fan, make projects shine, and earn rewards that are worthwhile.
  • You don’t have to invest any money or make any purchases to use IFO.
  • Simple to participate: By staking your tokens and lending support to the project, you may easily take part in IFO.
  • Huge profit: The awards are valuable tokens from prospective blockchain enterprises that will produce enormous profits.

Ice Tea Labs’ IFO program welcomes GAFI and ILAP. The first-ever staking pool for IFO uses GAFI tokens. The top 6 ILAP prospective projects will include one of the awards from the IFO program.

What does IFO stand for?

You only need to stake your tokens in the IFO pool and do the community chores without receiving any payment to be eligible to win important rewards. There are three different kinds of stake pools, and each one operates uniquely.

  • Holders: who are staking tokens are only permitted to use this pool. The pool with the biggest size is this one.
  • Community: Everyone is welcome at this pool. Everyone is welcome to join this pool, regardless of whether they are staking or not. The pool with the smallest size is this one, though.
  • Influencers: Only IFO project partners may join this pool. They perform basic tasks just like a typical user would, however the system for calculating points may be different.

The early bird gets the prize.

  • Better if done sooner: The token is more profitable the earlier it is staked.
  • The number of tokens you stake will influence how many benefits you earn; the more tokens you stake, the more prizes you receive.

What distinguishes IFO from other IFO words used in pancake swap?

A successful fundraising strategy

By taking part in pre-sales events organised by decentralised exchanges, new DeFi firms can raise money with the help of the Initial Farm Offering (IFO), a fundraising strategy. On the other hand, the initial fan offering is not a means of raising money. Instead, it assists projects in gaining genuine supporters, users, and adherents who are devoted to them over time by learning about them, participating in project activities, and gaining their trust.

Make “the real fans” more valuable

Icetea Labs had a firm conviction that “the true fans” who support the idea should receive project tokens in an initial fan offering where they are given. Through incredibly specific social activities, Icetea Labs IFO’s strategy is to educate everyone from total strangers to project supporters in order to foster trust in the initiatives.

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