Complete Update On: Sims Ltd. Recognized as a Leader in Combating Climate Change by CDP

a company that is a worldwide leader in sustainability and a supporter of the circular economy revealed that CDP has for the first time given it an A- grade for its leadership in tackling climate change. In 2022, CDP evaluated the environmental disclosures of close to 15,000 businesses.

Alistair Field, managing director and group chief executive officer of Sims Limited, said: “We are pleased to be recognized by CDP as an environmental leader, and we will continue focused on advancing our sustainability ambition to create a world without waste to save our planet.” “The circular economy is essential to reducing emissions and protecting natural resources, and it is a key component of our portfolio of companies.

To make sure we are fulfilling our development plan and mission and facilitating decarbonization in crucial areas, we also incorporate climate action into our business’s key performance measures.”

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Other top international sustainability standards, such as the Corporate Knights rankings – the Global 100 and the Carbon Clean200 – acknowledged the company’s efforts to reduce climate effects in 2022. Sims Limited was listed on the inaugural Financial Times/Nikkei Asia Climate Leaders Asia-Pacific list this year as well.

The yearly environmental disclosure method used by CDP is widely regarded by the international investing community as the benchmark for company environmental transparency. More than 680 investors with a combined asset base of US$130 trillion or more asked corporations to disclose information on their environmental impacts, risks, and opportunities as well as their ambitious climate action targets using CDP’s platform in 2022. On the CDP website, you may see the full list of results that are available to the public.

Regarding Sims Limited

Sims Limited, a company that was founded in 1917, is a leader in sustainability and a proponent of the circular economy. It has 4,400 workers who work from more than 200 locations spread across 15 nations. Ordinary shares of the business are traded on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: SGM), and American Depositary Shares are traded on the Over-the-Counter market in the US (USOTC: SMSMY). The company’s mission to eradicate waste in order to protect the environment inspires them to continuously develop and provide communities, businesses, governments, and consumers with fresh circular economy solutions.


The environmental disclosure system for businesses, cities, governments, and regions is operated by CDP, a worldwide non-profit. Established in 2000, CDP is a leader in the use of capital markets and corporate procurement to encourage businesses to disclose their environmental impacts, as well as to safeguard water resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and maintain forests. CDP works with more than 680 financial institutions with over $130 trillion in assets.

In 2022, around 20,000 organizations from all over the globe shared data via CDP, including more than 18,700 businesses representing half of the world’s market capitalization and more than 1,100 cities, states, and territories. The largest environmental database in the world is held by CDP, which is fully TCFD compliant. CDP scores are frequently used to influence investment and procurement choices in the direction of a zero-carbon, sustainable, and resilient economy. Visit for further details.

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