Frost & Sullivan Has Commended Cdw for Their Exemplary Efforts in Managing Digital Transformation Initiatives, Offering a Cost-effective and Simplified Service.

Following a recent analysis of the market for digital transformation services by Frost & Sullivan, CDW has been given the 2022 Global Customer Value Leadership Award. The business provides a wide range of goods and services, including hardware, software, and integrated information technology (IT) solutions for the cloud, security, application development, hybrid infrastructure, and digital experience.

It offers full-stack solutions that cover end users, devices, data centers, the cloud, and DevOps by utilizing its history in hardware and software. The business is a chosen digital transformation partner for some of the most prestigious businesses in the world and oversees some of the largest digital transformation projects.

The complete digital lifecycle of an organization is addressed by CDW’s extensive spectrum of products and services. The key components of CDW’s AmplifiedTM Services include shifting migration, workload optimization, automation, provisioning, and environmental instrumentation for dynamic capacity planning, improved performance, and security.

Through analytics and instrumentation, AmplifiedTM Services help clients understand and manage their supply chain difficulties by leveraging CDW’s expertise as one of the top worldwide supply chain technology suppliers. With over 1,000 brands distributed across 150 countries, 4,500 merchants, over 1,000 architects, 2,000 engineering specialists, and 1,000 technical staff, CDW connects with and serves its clients both electronically and physically.

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Through its committed team of professionals, CDW offers great service around the clock and helps clients with extended maintenance and claims for gadgets like laptops, printers, tablets, and monitors. The business provides contracts for data center maintenance plans as well as tailored support packages that group several suppliers’ service renewal dates under one umbrella.

In addition to technical professionals who engage directly with customers, CDW also offers technical staffing services to businesses to assist them to bridge recruiting shortages and enable clients to be more adaptable as their business needs evolve. Without spending money on full-time staff, an internal IT team may access expertise from the help desk to systems analysts.

“CDW’s acquisitions employ highly qualified, highly trained technologists who can manage demanding cloud and digital transformation requirements. Through newsletters, podcasts, studies, webinars, and whitepapers, the organization offers a ton of useful information to customers, providing enormous customer value, according to John Sisemore, Best Practices Research Analyst for Frost & Sullivan.

CDW receives Frost & Sullivan’s 2022 Global Customer Value Leadership Award for the digital transformation services sector because to its customer-centric strategy and great overall performance.

This award is given annually by Frost & Sullivan to the business that best exemplifies excellence in putting into practice plans that proactively add value for its clients, with an emphasis on enhancing the return on the investment that clients make in its services or goods. The honor honors the business’ exclusive emphasis on enhancing customer value beyond only providing excellent customer service, which has boosted customer retention and increased the client base.

Companies in many regional and international markets are honored with Frost & Sullivan Best Practices awards for exhibiting exceptional success and excellent performance in leadership, technical innovation, customer service, and strategic product creation.

For the purpose of identifying industry best practices, industry analysts compare market players, evaluate performance, and conduct in-depth interviews, analysis, and substantial secondary research.

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