Best Deal On Philips H9505 Wireless Headphones. High Quality Headphone At Low Price.

An Incredible Deal Has Philips H9505 Wireless Headphones at 49% Off!

New to the series? You can get your new pair of headphones at great prices right now!

If you’re looking for true wireless headphones, but often find them to be overkill or too expensive, this is it: The best deal we know has Philips H9505 wireless headphones at 49% off at Amazon right now. They come in five colors, from black and gray to rose gold and orange.

The sound quality is exceptional: True Sound technology, known as Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), means that your music will stop when you take them off; no distortion, no echo. And though I don’t use ANC, the company says it adds “a substantial amount of natural sounds” thanks to its microphones and digital signal processor (DSP) technology.

It works and delivers a more balanced, detailed sound than most other headphone models with full bass response. There’s also Bionic Bass tuning, which adjusts automatically based on what your earbuds have been listening to.

The charging case comes with standard USB 3.0, while there’s an additional Micro-USB port on each device. If this is your first purchase, these won’t work with iOS devices. On the other hand, if you’re used to Apple products like AirPods Pro or iPhones, they should play nice with those phones.

Philips H9505

The specs are quite good for less than $100. For example, the price includes three pairs of EarBuds that support up to six hours of playback per charge. Each set takes four charges to run out; my pair lasted two days between charges. One thing about these headphones, though, is how lightweight they are.

With just the silicone tips, they weighed only 7 grams — compared to others around 16-20 grams. But they still don’t feel heavy, so if you’re wondering whether you need to wear them, I would say no. All that weight means that the headset holds up well under heavy pressure and doesn’t make any uncomfortable noises like some plastic cases for headphones do.

Weighing just 4.9 ounces (170g) each, they weigh much lighter than many modern mobile phone designs. This makes them easy to carry if you need one handy. In addition, the included carrying case measures 20.2 x 15.1 x 18.6 inches (HxBxWxD). That’s large enough to hold all earbuds in place and still leave room inside for wires.

Overall, it’s comfortable and provides ample protection against shocks or falls. And because both sets are single-handedly charged, you won’t worry about needing to travel far to recharge them at home.

Philips H9505 vs AirPods Pros

My review of the latest version of Sony’s top-selling model: The AirPods Pro was not surprising, particularly given how much the audio improvements over last year’s model have made this product obsolete. Like the H9505, their features look pretty impressive. Both share the same sleek design, including flat tips and a detachable stem that lets you listen to them without taking them off.

Even better is that they feature built-in battery life so you never need to worry about running out of juice again. What’s missing, though, is the lack of transparency mode. A quick tap of the side button shows you a little bit of the content, but nothing else.

Also missing is automatic switching from Transparency (which removes ambient sound and prevents wind noise from reaching you) and Ambient Sound modes, which let you customize the sound in ways that aren’t available with the transparent mode. Fortunately, the ability to change presets is baked into their settings.

Philips H9505 versus Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

The H9505 comes equipped with a six-hour battery life with Active Noise Cancellation turned on. Unfortunately, the H9505’s battery life isn’t the biggest upgrade over the previous model, which offers 6 hours of playback with ANC turned on.

However, the rest of the package is worth considering. The charging case comes with standard USB 3.0 for connecting to the speakerphone or microphone. While not nearly as fast as USB 3, it’s considerably faster than using Wi-Fi to stay connected.

The mic is surprisingly sturdy and durable. Although I wasn’t willing to cut corners by buying non-powered versions of the audio equipment, I found the speakers louder than I’d expected when using my mics. The buds themselves offer superb sound, and even without ANC working fully, their sound quality was very acceptable.

Unlike the Beats Solo 5’s signature woofer, these can still provide plenty of basses. Additionally, the earpads were comfy and padded nicely.

The Venn diagram below illustrates the features of each pair. Note that although the Sennheiser PXC55 costs the same as the H9505, the former has slightly higher specifications due to superior audio performance.

As for the pricing comparison, the entry-level AirPods Pro cost $199, while the cheapest option in this category is Beats Solo 5 Free Edition at $129. These features may justify the premium price.

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