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Genshin Impact Tcg 3.4 Genius Invokation, Comes Up With Meta Cards, Also Know the Latest Updates

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Although Genshin Impact TCG might not be to everyone’s taste, many players undoubtedly adore this brand-new persistent game mode. People can request another gamer in a PvP match, which has been sought after the introduction of Genshin Impact, in addition to challenges involving NPC that can award items like Primogems.

The presence of PvP matches, however, makes it normal for gamers to become agitated by an overwhelming meta. Ayamiya (Ayaka + Yoimiya), the Maguu Kenki freeze deck, and Collie as catalyzing support were the three most popular decks in Genshin Impact 3.3. It is not surprising that these characters were the very first TCG cards to receive a nerf in Genshin Impact 3.4 given their widespread abuse.

The energy needed to cast Yoimiya’s Elemental Burst grew by 2 to three, as did the number of dice required. Yoimiya and Ayaka used to be one of the most potent duos in the Genshin Impact TCG, as players would prioritize maximizing Yoimiya’s Burst above using her Elemental Skill, allowing Ayaka to continuously cause Melt DMG using her simple Cryo-infused Normal attack. The main benefit of Yoimiya’s nerf is that her Elemental Burst now deals four Pyro DMG instead of just three Pyro DMG when it is cast.

Elements of Maguire Kenki’s Skills

Both of Maguu Kenki’s elemental skills have seen significant nerfs, and no longer deal DMG when cast. In the TCG mode, Maguu Kenki changed into an Anemo/Cryo version of Oceanid.

Before the changes, it was simple for players to take advantage of Maguire Kenki’s incredible ability to cast Anemo and Cryo before calling upon his shadows and keep abusing his use of the elemental application.

With his Elemental Skills, Maguu Kenki can only summon Shadowsword: Lone Gale and “Shadowsword: Galloping Frost, which always applies their corresponding Elements at the finish of the round.

Card of Collie’s Talents

In the TCG for Genshin Impact, Collie’s talent card is Floral Sidewinder. Even though it’s not the most harmful card, Collie had some of the many DMG situations on the end of her arrow in this case. As soon as an enemy took damage, Collie and Dendro were able to launch a powerful stream of continual DMG at them.

Although it currently costs more, it is still possible to cause these results. The cost of Collie’s talent card Floral Sidewinder has increased from three Dendro dice to four, costing one extra Elemental dice.

Rolls with minty meat

Minty Meat Rolls has been the card that deserved this change the most out of all those that were nerfed. Previously, the card could be used to reduce the number of Unaligned Elements needed for Normal assaults by one for the duration of the round, which was easily exploitable.

The modification reduced the impact of Minty Meat Rolls from having an infinite number of uses to having a cap of three uses before the round is over. Minty Meat Rolls & Gambler’s Earrings are no longer exploitable by duelers against powerful decks like those including Yoimiya and Ayaka.

Genshin Impact is currently accessible on mobile, PC, PS5, and PS4. A Switch version is being worked on.

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