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Monster Hunter Rise Ps5 Review – Impressive and Fantastic Forth That Has Been Worth the Wait

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Monster Hunter Rise is now available on PlayStation and Xbox systems, around two years after its first release. The most recent mainline game in Capcom’s enormously well-liked series was initially released on Switch in 2021 and on PC the following year. It is now, at last, coming to PlayStation and Xbox Series consoles among a rich selection of graphics options that appeal to a wide range of players. As a result, the port works fantastically regardless of which options are activated.

The storyline of Monster Hunter Rise remains relatively thin, similar to other games in the series. A hunter from Kamura Village is controlled by the players as they pursue creatures.

With every fresh kill, the Hunter moves closer to advancing in rank, allowing them to face more difficult adversaries.

It’s for the small settlement that has been siege by monsters for years.

Although the cutscenes are few and frequently used to introduce the creatures, the ones that are present are effectively told. A little poem, akin to an old story that exposes dangers lurking in the wilderness, introduces each new creature. It’s a good approach to set the mood for the game and highlight the difficulties that lie ahead.

A similar can be said of the continuing plot given that it mainly function as a way to set up combat with the most formidable enemies while also providing the characters the player frequently interacts with in Kamura Village more personality. Because Rise’s story serves the purpose of guiding players into the crucial portions of the game, Monster Hunter hasn’t ever attempted to have a truly complex storyline with complicated characters.

The basis of Monster Hunter Rise is monster hunting, and it does a fantastic job of expanding upon the advancements established with Monster Hunter World.

Players choose from 14 different weapon types to engage in hunts while controlling their well-being, stamina, and the sharpness and ammunition of their weapons. This game retains many of the fundamental elements of its predecessors. In this playthrough, a Switch Axe was primarily used.

This bladed weapon can switch between an axe mode for more agile movement and a sword mode for movement restriction and a barrage of external and elemental damage. Nevertheless, every weapon in Monster Hunter Rise exhibits an incredible balance between the strength of said weapon as well as the movement caused by its weight.

Rise rewards good use of strategies and resources with easier hunts or more items, whereas brute force may be effective against some opponents. Experimenting is really what finally results in victory in Rise.

There are numerous methods to approach every particular hunt with the sole objective of killing the monster, including setting traps to catch monsters, using exploding barrels to deal tremendous damage, and using various loadouts to take advantage of weak points in the opponent. These options have been included in earlier games, but Monster Hunter Rise makes them feel the most sophisticated.

The firebug, a remarkably adaptable tool that completely alters the Monster Hunter experience, is what distinguishes Rise from its predecessors. The firebug drastically speeds up combat and navigation, overhauling all about how to mount enemies to trying to swing around the map. It’s difficult to imagine the franchise continuing without it.

On January 20, Monster Hunter: Rise will be released for the PS4 Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles. It is currently available for PC and Switch. A PS5 code was given to Game Rant for this review.


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