If You’re a Ufc Fan, Then These 5 Perfect Match Movies Are Sure to Be the Best and Most Beloved!

At the same time, it’s fair to say that there’s no single best sport for every fan and individual because everyone goes into their way of watching each game differently.

What might be exciting to some can seem downright boring to others, but whether you’re playing a card on your phone or attending fights in Las Vegas, there’s a great number of fantastic movies to recommend at any age (or any occasion).

In this article, we’ll take a look at five of our favorite films. Whether you’re new to boxing or interested in fighting, these titles offer something for everyone.

1. “The Fighter”

“The Fighters” is one of those old-school, high-school-level sports films where nothing would ever change. We get a glimpse of what life must have been like back in 1985 with Brad Pitt taking on Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Balboa in a high-stakes fight.

If we aren’t shocked and confused by how ridiculous every move was, then we were probably never going to watch this film. It’s also notable that this movie came out during the heyday of big-budget action flicks, which is why Brad did such an excellent job at bringing the action right down to earth.

There’s certainly no wrong to do here—the only bad thing I can say about this flick is that while I might’ve liked some of its scenes, the biggest problem is that so many actors had either forgotten they were actors or just never cared enough to work hard again.

2. “The Hangover”

With the help of various hangover cures, the protagonists of Rob Reiner and Mark Rourke deal with everything there is to do after being hungover. However, even though both men were drunk, they didn’t need to try hard. As long as they drank enough, they could sleep through the night.

Or at least until the morning. This notion makes perfect sense, especially since some of the worst hangovers happen right after drinking drinks and eating poorly designed-snacks. While we don’t know exactly what happens when two guys go into a blackout and cannot remember anything after they wake up, they do manage to survive thanks to several ingredients, namely whiskey, vodka, and cranberry juice.

When this concoction hits their system, the trio struggles to come up with anything coherent and ends up stumbling around aimlessly with the odd sentence.

3. “Black Swan”

When George Lucas made Star Wars in 1977, nobody predicted what kind of impact the franchise would have, much less how huge it would become. The opening lines of this classic show no longer play over 10 years later and still make me wonder how things went so awry.

Everything turns good only to go haywire and completely fail from there. Of course, this isn’t exactly uncommon from the perspective of creators—for example, the writers of Black Swan are known for creating characters who have difficulty adjusting to normal situations.

But as audiences, we also understand the danger of thinking these types of films are inherently harmful, even with their seemingly wholesome themes.

4. “The Terminal Listening Party”

If you want a truly bizarre comedy, check out the Netflix original “The Terminal Listening Party.” Just like Christopher Guest’s previous comedy special, “The Guy,” which brought a whole host of very strange guests to Tim Burton’s adaptation of H. G. Wells’s “Dracula,” this movie features actual weird guests dressed as different characters including Captain Crunch, President Truman, and Colonel Sanders.

Unfortunately, however, none of the actors had anything to do with the role, but, unfortunately, it had the exact opposite effect. This sort of premise works surprisingly well because, unlike the above examples, the characters have absolutely nothing in common.

As one of the more creative members of the cast, Dave Franco keeps coming up with elaborate schemes and puzzles to solve, which, combined with Jon Hamm’s impressive comedic timing, creates the impression that “The Terminal Listening Party” is indeed extremely enjoyable.

5. “Tarantula Man”

One of 2021’s strangest horror movie titles, albeit not as odd as 2020’s “The Shallows,” is, well, perhaps the strangest of all: “Tarantula Man.” With a title like this, you’d expect a decent level of gore, but thankfully, this tale takes the tropes of past films and adds them to a modern context.

Unlike other zombie flicks, “Tarantula Man” is entirely non-fiction. Instead of focusing on zombies as undead creatures, instead of zombies as human beings walking toward death, this version focuses on Zombies who fall prey to vampires (who are quite nice).

During World War II, humans began developing a vampire gene, which spread quickly across Europe. These newly evolved creatures called ‘Bubbles were attracted to children in a blood ritual.

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