Things People Love about Mersin, 2023 Guide for Realtors and Tourists

If you are asked to list the top cities of Turkey or to pick which one to explore, chances are that you are unlikely to know Mersin, or mention it. However, you may be delighted and perplexed at the same time to discover that the Metropolitan Mediterranean city of Mersin is as fabulous in culture, applaudable in infrastructure, ancient in history, and lucrative in real estate. What is often backstage is that investment apartments in Mersin are in abundance compared to many other locations in the country. There, you can handle the variety of real estate options because there are more choices available than in the majority of Turkey cities. These properties are on the increase in the area because Mersin is one of the ever-developing cities in the country; this is a reflection of the various unique perks there are to live in the city. 

Top Five Things that Residents Love About Living in Mersin

According to Turk.Estate these are the factors that residents love about living in Mersin, Turkey:

The Atmospheric Condition

The first thing you are likely to hear people comment on positively is the climatic condition in Mersin. It is no gainsaying that Turkey is one of the most humane and weathering places to live in the world and that much can also be said about Mersin. Everything is on average in this city, with no extremes, and even during the extreme seasons, it is still far more bearable than many other locations. 

In the scorching seasons, the highest it gets to is about 30 degrees centigrade, and the coldest seasons are about 15 degrees out. Isn’t that amazing? The rainfall levels are also on a bearable scale, with the wettest season being in December. The warm weather is a perk for those who live there and makes it an excellent vacation spot. Foreigners can settle in more friendly into the city due to the climate friendliness.

Family Friendly Environment

Furthermore, the city has a very family-friendly environment. This is often depicted by the presence of a stress-free transportation system, coupled with proximity to schools and learning centers where parents can drop off their wards for educational purposes. Usually, the fact of parks and playgrounds is also highly desirable because they ease children’s socialization and make for play-opportunity, which the world would agree is good for the developmental progress of children. The level of crime in the area is also a determining factor for the safety of families, of which Mersin is secure and safe for families. These locations make for reasonable family timeouts.

The Beaches

Adjoined by the Mediterranean Sea and with a handful of beach spots, Mersin has wonderful beach outlets and layouts across the city. You will agree that beaches are a splendid place for relaxation and it helps significantly during summer times. As friendly as the weather may be, people still find comfort in lounging by the beach during heat periods. The cool ocean breeze is lovely to the skin, so who would blame them?

With a high number of beaches, your guess is correct; there are likely a higher number of: 

  • beach games, 
  • cafes and bars, 
  • and seaside adventure parks.

Another perk is that some of these locations have high tides, where you will spot surfers and risk-taking swimmers. On the other hand, there are the quitter beaches where many families enjoy the sand and the ocean. You have to find a place that resonates with you and enjoy yourself.

The Seafood and Fresh Food Items

A natural offshoot of the being close to the Mediterranean Sea is plenty of seafood and accessibility to them directly. To put into context, you get the freshest straight-from-the-ocean seafood, combined with vegetables and farm produce that is cultivated in the mountains, and all of those are at an affordable price! If you love to eat healthy organic food, you will do so seamlessly in Mersin. The city is at the center of every good food and carries impeccable promise for retirees who are keen on a diet.

Other than the above, it is essential to add that Mersin is also structurally beautiful and infrastructurally developed. It is a very standard modern city with beautiful city sections and quality infrastructure. Perhaps this is a contributory factor to the retirees loving the city – that is the subject of another article, by the way. For this blog post, it is safe to opine that you can access fresh food items and seafood in Mersin.

Common Fun Activity in Mersin

This blog post takes a deep look into the facets of Mersin that people find intriguing and how that makes a living there more comfortable and desirable among the ex-pat community. The same goes for Turks and locals who are residents in the area and carrying about their respective businesses/trade. The Mersin community has a very vivid combination of foreign nationals who vacation and those who stay there for: 

  • work, 
  • retirement, 
  • and personal purposes. 

These people commend the atmosphere, the beauty and comfort of the city, and its fair cost of living, which makes it much more affordable than some of the high-rise communities in Turkey. In this city, you get the opportunity of a high-class town, mixed with perfect weather and good people, with a low cost of living!

To sum-up

The everyday fun activities people engage in Mersin include – Park and adventure park activities, Beach events and hangouts, sea games like Kayaking and surfing, beach games like volley and football, night activities and grills, not to mention street food and restaurant, and sea food events, etc. Living in the city, you can engage in any of these or have new creations and have fun whichever way you like. The ball is entirely in your cot.


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