The Inspiring Journey of Donald Faison’s Quality Time with Children After Tragic Loss to Drug Addiction: A Story of Love and Resilience

The tragic news of a family member’s death has shocked all of us in our way. It happens to members of both families, friends, and acquaintances alike. In 2016 there were several deaths in which the individual had passed away as a result of drug abuse.

This is not uncommon in many people, but it remains something we are still learning how to deal with. One such person who suffered from addiction was Lisa Askey, the former wife of Trump’s attorney, Donald Faison.

Askey died on February 26, 2017, at her home in Virginia, USA. A statement released by Faison said that Lisa passed away due to natural causes. However, her parents have now spoken publicly about her death and expressed their condolences on behalf of herself and her husband.

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“Lisa was an amazing, wonderful lady. Someone I love dearly,” her father said. He added, “Our hearts go out to the entire family of Lisa and the rest of those involved.” Don said she was someone he treasured very much throughout their marriage.


They began dating in 1976 and married in 1981. Their two children, one adopted by him, would also pass away shortly after they got engaged. During this time, his wife stayed true to her roots as a Christian and participated in local church meetings. Although, it can be assumed that her faith played a major role in allowing the marriage to survive as well as the divorce.

Her son Michael, whom she had three children with, also attended high school with her in the 1980s.

During her tenure as a social worker, Lisa assisted numerous victims of domestic violence, rape, murder, and child molestation. She was appointed a state senator after giving birth to her third child in 1993. Even during these times, she was instrumental in getting pro-life legislation passed in Virginia and New Jersey.

After receiving her master’s degree, she went back into private practice before returning to public service. While serving as CEO of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Lisa helped organize hundreds of volunteers who traveled across the nation through her organization, volunteering their service to women’s health.

To help bring awareness to the issues going on in the world, Lisa wrote booklets promoting safe sexual practices and called them Safe Sex Starts. She founded Project Hope in 1994 and dedicated the effort to raise funds in support of abortion rights and other issues related to women’s health.

DONALD FAISON, COLIN FARRELL and ZACH BRAFF in Scrubs. Photo by Capital Pictures/face to face – Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France rights only –

When Lisa became single again, she went back into the business and began teaching yoga to others. She was considered successful until early 2018 when her daughter passed away in a car accident. Shortly after she began searching for closure and started practicing spiritual exercises, followed by meditation and praying.

At around midnight, on January 3, 2019, she left this earth peacefully, taking her last breath before her heavenly Father in heaven at 10:30 pm.

Her funeral was held privately and none of the attendees were allowed to hear her voice.

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