World of Warcraft: How to Find a Guild

World of Warcraft is one of the oldest MMORPGs, as a result of which a number of aspects of the game are made very uncomfortable and unfriendly, despite the developers’ attempts to at least somehow update the project.

There is not only complex combat mechanics but also a huge amount of content that has been created for twenty years. Therefore, it is difficult for a beginner to understand everything at once. Boosting companies come to the rescue, providing services for leveling, coaching, completing raids and dungeons, and buying gold. Today, more and more players are ordering wow boosting to save time and effort as it is an absolutely safe and legal service.

One of the problematic things in WoW is the search for a guild, since adequate tools for this have not appeared in the game, both in the classic versions and in the current one. For these reasons, it can be difficult for a newbie to find a guild to play with. In this article, we will talk about ways to find a guild.

Search for a guild in the chat “Search for satellites”

The first thought that may come to beginners is to look for a guild in the game chat of finding satellites. And this method will work on sparsely populated servers. On large servers, the chat flies at a very high speed, as a result of which it is a very problematic task to see the desired message and read it.

In the current version of WoW, they practically do not search for satellites through the search. In the classic versions of the game, it is better to use the LFG Group Bulletin Board addon (or its analogs), which will sort out all messages in the chat, as a result of which it will be much easier to search for a guild. But even with add-ons, game chat is not the easiest and best choice to find a guild.

Use the built-in satellite search function

Both in the classic versions of the game and in the Dragonflight add-on, you can use the satellite search function. It is enough to go to the corresponding menu of the game and start the search.

Search for a guild through the game forum

The game forum is the surest and easiest way to find future guildmates. It is through the forum that most guilds leave announcements about recruiting new recruits, and players are looking for groups in high-level dungeons and raids. Depending on the specific version of the game, you will have to use different sections of the forum to find a guild.

For example, to search in World of Warcraft Dragonflight, you should:

  • Go to the official forum of the game and log into your account.
  • Open the “Guilds” sub-item in the “Search for satellites” menu.
  • Then it remains only to sort through the topics and try to find a suitable guild on your server.

This way you can find a guild in World of Warcraft: Dragoflight, for the classic versions of the game (Classic and The Burning Crusade) this method will not work. For the classic World of Warcraft, the procedure is slightly changed:

  • Open the official World of Warcraft forum and log into your own account (nothing has changed here).
  • Find the item WoW Classic and the sub-item “Search for players in Classic”. Enter this subsection.
  • Next, you just need to browse the topics and try to find a suitable guild on your server.

In this way, you can not only find a guild but also find players to create a temporary group in a dungeon or raid. Therefore, the game’s forum for searching for party members or co-guild members is used quite often.

Creation of a guild

Another way to find a guild is to create one yourself. But for beginners in the game, the method is most inappropriate. Players often create their own guilds, but only a few of these guilds live for even a couple of months.

To create a guild you need:

  1. In any of the capitals of your faction, find a guild registrar and purchase a guild charter (you can ask any guard NPC for directions to the registrar).
  2. Next, you need to find 10 players who will sign the charter. Without this, a guild cannot be created.
  3. Having collected the required number of signatures, you can again go to the guild registrar and complete the creation.


Although the search for guilds in World of Warcraft is not done in the best way, finding it is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. You can use our tips and join the guild literally in the first hours of the game so that you will be able to enjoy this legendary Guinness-awarded game.


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