How to Disable Camride and Improve Your VR Experience in VR VAM – A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Disable Camride in VR VAM – Step-by-Step Guide

Virtual Reality (VR) technology is known for its immersive experiences where users can interact with different virtual environments. One of the features that enhance the VR experience is the Camera Ride module, which simulates camera movements in the virtual world. However, not all users find the Camera Ride module comfortable or useful. Some users may even find it distracting or hazardous, and therefore, prefer to disable this feature. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to disable Camride in VR VAM, step by step.

What is Camride and Why Would You Need to Disable It?

Camride provides camera motion to simulate movement in the virtual world. There are times when this feature may seem useful, but sometimes it can cause more harm than good. Here are some of the reasons that may encourage you to disable Camride:

1. Better immersion:

Disabling Camride allows you to focus on the VR experience, making it more immersive. It enhances the sense of presence and allows you to concentrate on the virtual world and the objects around it.

2. Reducing motion sickness:

Camera movement that differs from actual movements may cause motion sickness, and disabling Camride can reduce this issue. When Camride is enabled, it can provide an uncomfortable sensation known as kinetic friction and generate motion sickness to some users.

3. Decreasing the risk of injury:

Camride can be dangerous if used in the wrong time or place. For instance, it can pose a tripping or falling hazard if the camera feed does not match the user’s movements. Thus it is essential to disable the Camride module before starting any VR activities.

What are the Potential Risks of Having Camride Enabled?

1. Distracts from VR experience:

Camride can be distracting, as it provides a change in camera views that may interfere with the user’s actions or movements, reducing the VR experience’s overall immersion.

2. Increases the risk of tripping and falling:

Camride can pose a tripping or falling hazard if the camera feed does not match the user’s movements. It is crucial to clear space before beginning any VR activities to mitigate the possibility of such accidents.

3. Increases Kinetic Friction:

When Camride is enabled, it provides an uncomfortable sensation known as kinetic friction, making the VR experience undesired by some users and can result in motion sickness.

Steps to Disable Camride in VR VAM

Here is a step-by-step guide to disabling the Camride module in VR VAM:

Step 1Launch Virtual Audiovisual Machine (VAM) and access the VAM room.
Step 2Click on “Settings” and navigate to “Advanced Settings.”
Step 3Scroll down to the “Camride” feature and switch it off.
Step 4Turn on the feature whenever necessary by following the same steps and toggling on the switch.


Disabling Camride in VR VAM is a straightforward process that anyone can do. Disabling it can increase your immersion, reduce motion sickness, and lower your chance of injury. With the above guide, you’ll be able to disable Camride in VAM with ease. Remember that you can always enable it anytime you find it useful.


1. Will disabling Camride affect my VR experience, and what are the benefits of doing so?

Disabling Camride will increase the level of immersion, reduce motion sickness, and decrease the chances of injuries from falling or tripping. It will remove the distraction it causes and enhance the overall experience.

2. Why is Camride enabled by default, and how do I know if I need to disable it?

Camride is a feature that’s enabled by default because it enhances the experience of immersive Virtual Reality. However, certain situations might make it necessary to disable it, such as getting a headache or feeling discomfort when playing with Camride-enabled in the virtual world.

3. Won’t turning off Camride make it difficult to navigate the virtual world?

Turning off Camride might make it more challenging to move and navigate inside the virtual world. Still, it will make the VR experience more enjoyable by eliminating the kinetic friction and motion sickness caused by Camride.

4. Is Camride present in all VR systems and platforms?

No, Camride is not present in all VR systems and platforms and is unique in VR VAM. However, the Camride module’s concept and functionality are similar to other VR camera movement features.

5. Can I turn on Camride again after disabling it?

Yes, you can turn Camride again by going back to the VR VAM settings and enabling it through the same process you used to disable it.


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