Horimiya: Shocking Ending Revealed! Episode 11 Recap Will Leave You Speechless!

Welcome to the recap and ending explained for episode 11 of “Horimiya: The Missing Pieces”. In this episode, titled “Chocolate,” Miyamura and Hori, along with their friends, prepare for Valentine’s Day. As the story unfolds, we witness various events and emotions that contribute to a heartwarming conclusion. Let’s dive into the details:


Preparation for Valentine’s Day

Miyamura, Hori, and their friends engage in the preparations for Valentine’s Day. Sawada’s classmate seeks help in gifting chocolates to Shuu, whom she has a crush on.

Hori’s Dilemma

Hori feels overwhelmed as she discovers that Miyamura’s family owns a cake shop. She doubts her ability to make a dessert that can surpass his expertise.

Sawada’s Assistance

Sawada advises Miyamura to focus on aesthetically pleasing gift wrapping. Meanwhile, Hori reveals to Remi that she has decided not to give Miyamura a gift due to her lack of confidence.

Unexpected Queries

Remi questions Hori’s decision, surprised that she has chosen not to make an effort. Their conversation leads to a deeper understanding between them.

An Encouragement

Hori discusses her concerns about her poor previous cake-making experience with Sakura. They motivate her to overcome her doubts and make something special for Miyamura.

Sawada’s Friend and Iura

Sawada’s friend contemplates giving chocolates to Iura but lacks the courage to do so. Sawada decides to help her by offering an alternative solution.

Hori’s Baking Journey

Hori begins baking a dish for her family but faces disappointment when her brother criticizes its taste. She seeks guidance from Sakura to improve her skills.

Miyamura’s Thoughtfulness

Miyamura surprises their friends by bringing gifts for everyone on Valentine’s Day, spreading the joy of the occasion.

The Much-Awaited Moment

Hori awaits Miyamura’s arrival at her apartment, nervously wondering if he will like the dessert she made. When Miyamura serves Hori his own chocolate dessert, she is amazed by its taste and aroma.

Ending Explained

A Sweet Surprise

Miyamura assures Hori that he wasn’t concerned about the taste of the dessert he made. Hori then presents her gift, a chocolate ganache she made herself. Miyamura enjoys the treat and praises her efforts.

A Touching Moment

Miyamura’s appreciation boosts Hori’s confidence and makes her realize that the value lies in the thought and effort put into the gift, rather than its perfection. They enjoy the chocolate ganache together, celebrating their love and understanding.


Episode 11 of “Horimiya: The Missing Pieces” beautifully portrays the preparations for Valentine’s Day and the emotional journey of Hori and Miyamura. Through their experiences, we learn the importance of effort and thoughtfulness in expressing love. The episode captures the essence of their relationship and leaves us with a heartwarming conclusion.


1. Were Miyamura and Hori able to overcome their doubts?

Yes, Miyamura’s thoughtful gesture and appreciation helped Hori overcome her doubts and realize the true value of her gift.

2. Did Sawada’s friend manage to give chocolates to Iura?

No, Sawada offered to receive the chocolates on behalf of her friend in order to cheer her up.

3. What did Miyamura bring for their friends on Valentine’s Day?

Miyamura brought gifts for all their friends, spreading the joy of Valentine’s Day.

4. How did Hori’s dessert compare to Miyamura’s?

Miyamura enjoyed the chocolate ganache made by Hori and praised her efforts. It was a moment filled with love and appreciation.

5. What is the underlying message of episode 11?

The episode highlights the importance of sincere and heartfelt gestures in expressing love, rather than focusing on perfection. It emphasizes the value of effort and thoughtfulness in building stronger bonds.


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