Amabella Sophia Markert: Pauly D’s Daughter, Where is She Now?

Reality star Pauly D welcomed daughter Amabella Sophia in 2013 with ex Amanda Markert. The Jersey Shore DJ has opened up over the years about his little girl.

Amabella arrived on May 15, 2013. Pauly D announced her birth that October, calling it an “amazing experience.” His Jersey Shore costars congratulated him, predicting he’d be a wonderful father.

Pauly D says Amabella is the “best thing” ever to happen to him. He loves spoiling her with gifts like toy luxury cars and turntables. She wants to become a DJ like dad and he gave her a mixing station.

The proud father describes Amabella as his “mini-me” who shares his sense of humor and has already mastered pranking him. She keeps the joke going for hours when hiding his phone.

Pauly D introduced Amabella to girlfriend Nikki Hall recently, calling it a major milestone. Both were nervous but hit it off quickly, now FaceTiming daily.

For her 10th birthday in May 2023, Amabella had an all-purple themed party. Pauly D posed with a cutout of her head but avoids posting her photo publicly.

Even as a reality TV staple, Pauly D has maintained his daughter’s privacy. But he beams over Amabella, calling her his “little mini-me” with an identical lively spirit

It’s Pauly D’s only child, Amabella Sophia Markert. Five-year-old Amanda Markert is the offspring of Pauly D and an Atlantic City waitress who had a one-night relationship.

Pauly D and Markert had a rocky relationship in the early years of Amabella’s life. In a public spat, Pauly D accused Markert of extorting their daughter in return for fame.

However, in recent years, Pauly D frequently discusses spending time with his daughter in interviews, which suggests that things have cooled down. While Amabella’s main custody is reportedly held by Markert, it’s possible that the Jersey Shore revival didn’t include her.

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In addition to her daughter, Amanda is the mother of two other children, one of whom is Amabella’s sister.

As it turns out, Amanda, Amabella’s mother, has a sibling from an earlier relationship. Mikey is the name of his dog. Amanda doesn’t discuss Mikey’s father on social media, although she routinely posts images of Mikey.

Amabella’s parents, Markert and Pauly D, waited to share the news of her birth until several days had passed. “Sometimes in life, things aren’t planned and may even scare you, but they end up being a godsend, that is how I feel about having a daughter,” he told Us Weekly at the time.

When it comes to Amabella, Markert has primary custody despite Pauly D’s earlier statements that he sought sole primary custody. “extremely proud of my little princess!” she wrote on one Instagram post about Amabella. She routinely shares pictures of the two.

Once, Pauly D alleged that Markert was trying to profit off their daughter’s fame by exploiting her

Pauly D alleged in an interview with TMZ in 2013, when Amabella was just five months old, that Markert was “100%” manipulating their daughter for fame. I want to give this baby the greatest life possible.

For her part, Markert took to Twitter to blast Pauly D for her apparent inability to raise her kid properly and to claim that she had been financially supporting her daughter on her own for the past few years.

These past five months have been devoted solely to her financial assistance, she wrote in a tweet. To show the media the copy of the cheque, it appears he wrote one and mailed it just a few days ago…publicity stunt.”

She continued, “I adore my children more than anything in this world. ” “It’s a shame what he’s done.” Pauly D had never contacted her to visit the baby, and she had never “denied him his rights as a father,” she claimed.

Pauly D Has Said He’s ‘Super Protective’ about Whom He Introduces to Amabella and Has Said That

Pauly D has given interviews about his daughter over the years and has been open about his protectiveness over her. However, he is careful not to share images of her on his Instagram. Pauly D told Us Weekly that his kid was aware of his unconventional lifestyle.

He said, “She knows I’m a DJ.” “She calls me famous when I go to the airport because she sees the people yelling my name and she knows I have these massive crowds. So I tell her that I’m going to utilize that for good, to raise awareness for causes like this. She’s already aware of this. As a way to assist avoid such a catastrophe from happening. “I told her,” I said.

It was revealed in an interview with People that Pauly D’s daughter is just four years old. She’s the light of my life. She’s my little princess, and I’ll always love her. The tiny girl is just like me in every way.

My daughter has expressed an interest in becoming a DJ, so I purchased a DJ studio for her. She’s already scrubbing records. She cracks me up. As far as I know, she just wants to be with me at all times.”

How old was Pauly D’s daughter when he found out about her?

DJ Pauly D, otherwise known as Paul DelVecchio, experienced a surprise of a lifetime in 2013 when he found out he was going to be a father for the first time. Now the proud father of seven-year-old Amabella Sophia Markert, Pauly D has come a long way from his days on Jersey Shore.

When DelVecchio found out this news, he was filled with uncontainable excitement and joy. He admits that being a dad is one of the best experiences of his life and is incredibly thankful for the chance to watch his daughter grow every day. His pride and love for her are palpable; it’s clear to see that being a parent has changed this entertainer’s life in many positive ways.

FAQ ( Friendly Asked Questions ) 

Q:1 How long did Pauly D remain unaware of the existence of his daughter?

A: Pauly D remained unaware of the existence of his daughter for several years.

Q:2 How did Pauly D find out about his daughter?

A: Pauly D found out about his daughter when the child’s mother, Amanda Markert, filed for custody in 2013.

Q:3 Was Pauly D shocked when he found out about his daughter?

A: Yes, Pauly D was shocked when he found out about his daughter as he had no prior knowledge of her existence.

Q:4 What is Pauly D’s relationship with his daughter like now?

A: Despite the initial shock, Pauly D has embraced fatherhood and has a close relationship with his daughter.

Q:5 Was Pauly D involved in his daughter’s life after he found out about her?

A: Yes, Pauly D has been actively involved in his daughter’s life since he found out about her, and he regularly shares updates about their relationship on social media.

Q:6 Did Pauly D’s experience of becoming a father change his lifestyle?

A: Yes, Pauly D has said that becoming a father has changed his lifestyle significantly, and he now prioritizes spending time with his daughter over partying and other activities.

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