Alcaraz Girlfriend Revealed: Meet Maria Gonzalez Gimenez, the Tennis Beauty Who Captured His Heart!

Carlos Alcaraz, the rising tennis star, has not only mesmerized the world with his exceptional skills on the court but has also captured the attention of fans with his mysterious love life. While he keeps his personal life private, rumors have been circulating about his relationship with Maria Gonzalez Gimenez. Let’s dive into the details and get to know Alcaraz’s alleged girlfriend.

Who is Maria Gonzalez Gimenez?

Maria Gonzalez Gimenez is a rumored girlfriend of Carlos Alcaraz. Though there are conflicting reports about Alcaraz’s relationship status, many link him with this talented athlete and student. Born in Murcia, Spain, Maria is currently studying law at the University of Murcia, aiming to earn a bilingual degree.

A Shared Love for Tennis

Maria shares a similar passion for tennis as her alleged boyfriend. She plays for Murcia Club de Tenis, a prominent tennis club in Spain. You can find evidence of her sporting prowess on her Instagram profile, where she proudly displays “MCT” followed by a tennis racket and ball in her bio.

A Glimpse into Maria’s Personal Life

Maria prefers to keep her personal life away from the public eye, but an Instagram story shared on Carlos Alcaraz’s account provided a glimpse into their intimate moment. Beyond tennis, Maria enjoys spending time with her friends, as seen in her Instagram posts featuring fun dance routines and lighthearted moments.

Maria Gonzalez Gimenez: A Student and Athlete

While Maria’s love life remains a topic of fascination, her studies and athletic pursuits are equally noteworthy. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Maria documented her preparations for an upcoming civil exam in a humorous TikTok video. She also captured moments with classmates wearing masks in early 2022.

The Path to Success

Maria’s dedicated efforts both on and off the court highlight her determination to excel in different areas of her life. Despite limited information about her professional tennis career, Maria continues to train hard, aiming to break into the professional circuit, starting with the ITF and eventually the WTA.

Online Presence and Popularity

Maria’s popularity has been growing, evident from her increasing number of followers on social media platforms. With around 14,000 followers on Instagram and 1,000 followers on TikTok as of January 2024, her engaging content, including tennis videos and beach outings, attract tennis enthusiasts.


While Carlos Alcaraz keeps his personal life private, the rumors linking him with Maria Gonzalez Gimenez continue to intrigue fans. Maria’s dedication to her studies, her love for tennis, and her online presence showcase her multifaceted personality. As she aims to make a mark on the professional tennis scene, tennis enthusiasts eagerly await her future accomplishments.


1. Is Maria Gonzalez Gimenez a professional tennis player?

No, there is limited information about Maria’s professional tennis career. However, she plays for Murcia Club de Tenis and aspires to compete at higher levels in the sport.

2. How long have Carlos Alcaraz and Maria Gonzalez Gimenez been dating?

The exact timeline of their relationship is unknown, but some rumors suggest they have been dating for almost a year. They likely met during their tennis training at the academy.

3. What is Maria Gonzalez Gimenez studying?

Maria is studying law at the University of Murcia, working toward obtaining a bilingual degree.

4. Does Maria Gonzalez Gimenez have a significant online presence?

Yes, Maria has gained popularity on Instagram and TikTok. She has around 14,000 followers on Instagram and 1,000 followers on TikTok.

5. What are Maria Gonzalez Gimenez’s future goals in tennis?

Maria aims to break into the professional tennis circuit, starting with the ITF and eventually making her way to the WTA Tour. She continues to train and improve her skills to achieve her goals.


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