Is Tom Oar Obituary Alive? Life of a Mountain Man and TV Icon

Tom Oar, a beloved personality from the History Channel’s Mountain Men, has passed away, leaving behind a rich legacy. In this article, we pay tribute to Tom and celebrate his extraordinary life. From his early rodeo career to his rugged lifestyle in Montana’s wilderness, we delve into the adventures and impact of this remarkable mountain man.

The Early Life and Rodeo Career of Tom Oar

Tom Oar’s journey began in Rockford, Illinois, where he inherited his love for the Wild West from his father. He ventured into the world of rodeo, dedicating years to riding and bucking horses, earning a reputation as one of the best in the business.

A Call to the Wilderness

Inspired by his fur-trapping grandfather, Tom made a life-altering decision in 1970. He and his wife, Nancy Oar, left behind the rodeo and embraced the challenge of a simpler existence in Montana’s Yaak River Valley. They built a log cabin and embarked on a journey of self-sufficiency.

Living Off the Land

Tom and Nancy’s life in Montana epitomized self-reliance. They honed their hunting, fishing, and trapping skills to sustain themselves. Tanning hides and crafting various items from leather became essential for their livelihood. Their commitment to living in harmony with nature was a testament to their resilience.

Mountain Men Fame

Tom’s reputation as a mountain man caught the attention of the History Channel, leading to the reality series Mountain Men. Viewers were captivated by his survival skills, warm personality, and love for his family and animals. Tom became a fan favorite during his nine-season tenure on the show.

Retirement and Transition

As time took its toll, Tom and Nancy made the difficult decision to retire and transition to a new chapter of their lives. In 2020, they bid farewell to their beloved Montana home and settled in Florida, seeking a warmer environment and closer proximity to their family.

Tom Oar’s Legacy

Tom leaves behind a lasting and multifaceted legacy. Beyond his television fame, his financial success stemmed from his tanning and craftsmanship business, as well as the sale of his custom-made knives. His net worth is estimated to be around $200 thousand, but his true impact is measured in the courage, resilience, and creativity he inspired in others.

Tom Oar Obituary

On September 22, 2023, Tom Oar passed away in Florida, surrounded by loved ones. His remarkable journey, filled with health challenges and unwavering spirit, came to an end. He will be remembered as a loving husband, father, and grandfather, embodying the values of courage and a deep connection with nature.


Tom Oar’s life was an embodiment of the untamed wilderness. From his rodeo days to his time as a mountain man, he captivated audiences with his survival skills, warm personality, and commitment to living in harmony with nature. His legacy will continue to inspire future generations to embrace simplicity and appreciate the beauty of the wild.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How did Tom Oar become famous?

Ans. Tom Oar gained fame through his appearance on the reality series Mountain Men, where his wilderness survival skills and warm personality endeared him to viewers.

2. What was Tom Oar’s net worth?

Ans. Tom Oar’s net worth was estimated to be around $200 thousand, a reflection of his success in his tanning and craftsmanship business, as well as his role on Mountain Men.

3. Why did Tom and Nancy Oar retire?Ans. Tom and Nancy decided to retire as they aged and moved to Florida in 2020, seeking a warmer climate and closer proximity to their family.

4. What was Tom Oar’s legacy?

Ans. Tom Oar’s legacy encompasses courage, resilience, creativity, and a commitment to living close to nature. He inspired others to embrace a simpler way of life and appreciate the untamed wilderness.

5. When did Tom Oar pass away?

Ans. Tom Oar passed away on September 22, 2023, in Florida, surrounded by his loved ones.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope it has brought you closer to the remarkable life and enduring legacy of Tom Oar, a true pioneer of the untamed wilderness.


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