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How To Find Lost Galaxy Buds Case?: Complete Guide

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The True wireless earphones or TWS market has been flooded with earphones from different brands. One such popular earbuds are from Samsung which are called “Galaxy buds”, they are Samsung’s latest premium offering. A major issue with every TWS out there is that you will have to keep the buds case with you to charge it and regarding this many Galaxy buds owners have been asking “How to find lost galaxy buds case”. 

How to find lost galaxy buds case

If you are someone who uses the galaxy buds or have lost your galaxy buds case then you have arrived at the right place. In this blog post, we will explain how to find lost galaxy buds and also is there any way you can find the lost galaxy buds case.

How To Find Lost Galaxy Buds Case?

Unfortunately, there is no way out there to find the galaxy buds case because the case just acts as a power bank for charging your earbuds. The case also does not have any Bluetooth connection to find it using the “Galaxy wearable” app, so there is nothing you can do if you have lost your Galaxy buds case.

You can also not buy the case separately because Samsung does not sell the case separately, and your earbuds will be of no use without the case. The only option you will be left with it is to buy a new pair of Galaxy buds.

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How to find lost Galaxy buds using the “Galaxy wearable” app?

To find your lost galaxy buds you need to download the “Galaxy wearable” app from the play store or app store and if you have a Samsung mobile then it will be pre-installed in it.

galaxy wearable app to find lost earbuds

After setting up the app, to find your earbuds follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Open the “Galaxy wearable” app on your device.


Step 2: Click on “Find my earbuds”.

Find my earbuds

Step 3: Click on “Start”. 

Now the app will start searching for your earbuds nearby but it can only scan for a radius of 10m, so if your earbud is in the range then the earbuds will start beeping for 3 minutes and as time passes the sound of the beep will increase.

If you are not in the 10m range then roam around with your phone and it will automatically detect the earbud if it is lost near you. Once you have found the buds just press the stop button and it will stop beeping. 

Samsung Galaxy buds not beeping?

Here are a few reasons why your buds are not beeping or responding to find my earbuds:

  • Your buds are not in the range, they must be far away from the 10m radius and because of this, your phone and buds would be disconnected.
  • If your galaxy buds were not charged or it’s been hours since they were lost then the most possible reason could be that they have been discharged and dead.
  • If you have enabled the automatic mute feature then your buds will not beep.
  • Dust can block the IR sensor on your earbud and because of this “Find my earbuds” would not work.
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Can we charge Samsung Galaxy buds without a case?

how to charge galaxy buds without case

Most of the users who have lost their galaxy buds case have been asking this question. Well, there is no way you can charge your buds without the case, even for wireless charging using a wireless charger or a device that supports reverse charging you still need the buds in the case for them to charge.

Closure | How to find lost galaxy buds case

Keeping the case safely is one of the most difficult tasks for careless users like me. The Samsung Galaxy buds provide a very useful feature using the Galaxy wearable app to find your missing buds but unfortunately, for all the people out there searching “How to find lost galaxy buds case” there is no way to do so and you will have to purchase a new pair of Galaxy buds.

If you have any questions or suggestions related to Galaxy buds, let us know in the comment section down below.


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