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Ever Wondered if Universe Has a Bigger Galaxy Than the Milky Way Galaxy?

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Universe, to say the least, is the most aspiring and the most beautiful creation of all times and can never be compared to anything else. It is because of its presence that we puny humans are presiding in it. Although we are too small in terms of size and intelligence when compared to the little knowledge we know about the entire horizon.

Many scientists have been working on those experiments and projects which when posed successfully will be able to guarantee the presence of not only one but many other parallel universes and so on.

Would not it be absolutely tremendous to know about the world, it may even be possible that there are Earth-like planets revolving around the bigger Suns in other comparatively bigger galaxies. It definitely would bring a lot more space to the field of astronomical studies.

That time is not far enough where we are able to successfully understand the mystery of the universe and its development because recently there has been an astonishing discovery by the scientists of Netherlands that there is a galaxy about 160 times larger and bigger than the Milky Way Galaxy, the galaxy where our earth is situated. Can you imagine the size of this galaxy when someone comes up to you and says that the newly discovered galaxy, which by the way has been named after  ALCYONEUS, the son of the Greek God; is approximately 240 billion times bigger than our SUN!

According to News 18 Researchers at the Leiden Observatory in the Netherlands have found the largest galaxy ever discovered by humans. The title before this discovery was held by the galaxy IC 1101, which spanned across 3.9 million light-years.

They have also mentioned that this galaxy has a massive black hole that consumes the greater space of the given galaxy and it sucks an enormous amount of matter in order to spit plasma and other materials at the speed of light. These plasmas will help the scientist I’m ordered to discover at what rate the light used to travel in this galaxy as it gets converted into plumes and radio waves. The plumes detected from the radio galaxy are by far the largest ever discovered, and the monstrous size of Alcyoneus has, since being discovered, flabbergasted scientists and left them with a bunch of questions. One of the few theories devised by researchers is centered around the galaxy being surrounded by a low-density environment, which resulted in its plasma jets expanding unprecedentedly.

“If there exist host galaxy characteristics that are an important cause for giant radio galaxy growth, then the hosts of the largest giant radio galaxies are likely to possess them,” explained Martjin Oei, the lead astronomer in their preprint paper, which will be published in Astronomy and Astrophysics.

We hope for even better discoveries and the answers to these questions that this galaxy left us within the near future, till then stay tuned for more real-time updates with GeeksULTD.


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