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What is Lexi Reed’s Networth? Revealed the Real Truth

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Lexi Reed -“The Fat Fet up girl.”

Born on November 3, 1990, Lexi Reed is a social media influencer documenting her fitness journey. She is a youtube and Instagram sensation.


Lexi’s Networth

The fitness influencer is considered to be one of the wealthiest influencers today. Lexi shares videos related to reviews, fitness exercises, health tips, and question and answer sessions on her YouTube handle. On Instagram, she shares many motivational quotes and updates frequently. She has around 90.3 k subscribers on YouTube and approximately 1.2 million followers on Instagram. She derives her primary source of income from posting content on her social media handles. Many authentic sources have also confirmed that Lexi’s net worth constitutes around $ 1.5 million.

Here is the youtube channel of Lexi Reed, where she shares her Fitness Journey

Her Fitness Journey

The fat, fed-up girl, Lexi Reed, is one of the most famous influencers and YouTuber who rose to popularity in 2006 when she started documenting her fitness journey. As people worldwide have similar weight issues, Lexi Reed gained immense attention and popularity for her transformation from thick to thin. She took this change in her life to Instagram and youtube and shared content related to weight loss and her fitness journey. This happened after Lexi and Danny accepted a challenge of their friend, which was to go on a fitness diet without eating cheat meals, soda beverages, or alcohol for 30 straight days. She lost about 312 pounds in her fitness journey in two years alongside her husband, who lost around 95 pounds with her. Together the couple lost around 400 pounds in a few years, and this gained national attention, making them so famous across Social media. On one occasion, Lexi said,

“it’s not about the weight we lost but the life we gained.”

Lexi’s Health online

But this didn’t last long; as reported on February 11, Danny, the husband of Lexi, took to Instagram that Lexi had been hospitalized as her organs were failing. He had mentioned that Lexi had been falling sick lately and couldn’t eat anything; in that post, it was also noted that when Lexi was admitted to the hospital on January 20, 2022, the doctors told Danny that if it had been even a little late, it could have been a significant threat to Lexi’s life. Lexi had an induced coma. And After all the treatment she underwent, which included dialysis, transplantation, and physiotherapy, on February 12, Lexi shared on Instagram that she is now back to her home and is taking good care of her Health to get back to normalcy. She also shared her gratitude for all the prayers and donations. But the couple is still going through a tough time in their life as they didn’t have any insurance; the medical expenses Lexi were supposedly derived from the donations collected by her husband in GoFundMe. Lexi’s fans and followers are apprehensive because of her health condition and actively donate, hoping for her speedy recovery. This has made many rethink their perception of Health and fitness. Staying fit is essential, but that needs to be done healthily. Let’s  Hope Lexi gets better and comes back stronger.

Lexi Reed’s Actual networth

With this being said, it’s still unsure what Lexi’s actual net worth is. If the network mentioned by the other sources had been confirmed, Lexi’s husband wouldn’t have to collect donations to pay the hospital bills. So Lexi’s net worth is still up in the air with no clear stat on her actual source of income.


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