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Seven People are arrested over “Lupin’s Dramatic Robbery” by French Police(Revealed)

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French Police has finally arrested seven suspects of the dramatic robbery of Lupin set. As per the report, police have arrested them on March 18. They performed the robbery on Feb 25.

Image credit-Netflix

On Feb 25, 20 hooded men threw mortar fireworks on the set of Lupin part three shooting. After that, they broke into the set and robbed $333,000 worth of equipment.

Omar Sy and all the tv crew were shooting in the Paris suburbs of Nanterre. During the shoot, this robbery happened but luckily no one was harmed. They just called off the shooting for a few hours. But after a few hours, the filming started again. Netflix has confirmed that the police have recovered pieces of equipment right now.

As per the police, the suspects are of 13 and 21 age and they are part of an organized gang. Three suspects are in custody while the other four are in Juvenal custody. Police have said to the media that these culprits already have criminal records. Though other members of the gang are on run right now. The police are still looking for them.

The Police have also stated these people formed this robbery with proper strategy. Because they knew about the people involved in the set and also about the equipment. That’s why they attacked the set.

Though police have not revealed the names of the culprits. They think other members of the gang are hiding in France. You can note that before the Lupin robbery, a gang has looted The “Crown” set in the UK. A police officer informed the media. He also said they are trying to link these two robberies but they are not sure yet. The gang has looted $200,000 worth of props from the set.

If these two robberies are linked then it would be confirmed that this gang is international. French police have tracked down the suspects in just two weeks which is impressive. They have also recovered the pieces of equipment.

“Lupin” is a very famous Netflix heist show. It is the first french show that gains massive success with a U.S.A company. Lupin was first released in 2020 and people were obsessed with the show. Omar Sy plays the lead role here as Assane Diop, the son of Senegalese; a character created by French novelist Maurice Leblanc.

He created the character in the early 20th century. Assane Diop was inspired by lupin’s stories and decided to become a master thief himself to take revenge for his father who was accused of stealing.

This show’s parts one and two were released in 2020 globally. The audience around the world is waiting for part three. The date is not announced yet. 

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