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A Dislike Button Is Being Tested on Tiktok.

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TikTok is testing a new option for comments that will allow people to identify irrelevant or inappropriate remarks without stirring up conflict. The person who registers their dislike can see it, but other users won’t know about these reactions and may end up learning something they didn’t want anyone else seeing firsthand!

TikTok is continuing to explore new ways for its community of viewers and readers, who often share their feedback on the app through comments. As part of this ongoing research project into how people feel about what they read or see posted online – in order “to better understand these concerns” according to a blog post from head office last week- staff at TikTok have been interviewing users across different age groups so that we can get an accurate representation (a picture) when it comes down deciding where things should go next!

When dealing with negativity online, it can be difficult to know how best to protect yourself. That’s why Facebook has been reminding users of their built-in safety tools and prompts creators who receive a high proportion of negative reactions on the platform to utilize TikTok comment filtering options as well bulk block or delete posts that generate bad feedback from others in your community!

These experimental features may never see the light of day for most users; TikTok expects an update on its plans “in weeks.”

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