Ever Wonder What Will Happen if Google and Samsung Also Launch Se Android Sets Like Apple? Here’s a Detailed Explanation

If you think deeply then you will realize that after Apple’s iPhone SE release, many android flagship phones’ market value has come down. But still, Apple is not very happy with the iPhone SE market performance because it has gained less market value than excepted.

If you are a new iPhone user then you probably don’t know that iPhone SE is basically 2014’s iPhone 6 model with an improved A15 Bionic processor and iPhone 8 camera quality. In 2021, iPhone SE became one of the best-selling phones in the world.

2022 iPhone SE
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However, do you wonder what if Samsung and Google launch their own SE phones for just $400? 2What will be the features of their SE sets? If yes then let’s start this article. Though it won’t likely happen any time soon in near future. But still, let’s find the qualities of these imaginary phones.

Samsung Galaxy SE Features:

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If Samsung made Galaxy SE today then it will be an extended version of the 2016 Galaxy S6 android. It will be more interesting the iPhone SE as it was thinner and more featured than the iPhone 6.

Samsung Galaxy S6 had a fingerprint sensor. So more likely the fingerprint will still be available in the Samsung Galaxy SE set. On the other hand, this flagship phone had one single camera of 16 mp. Along with this single camera, f/1.9, and 1/2.6 inch sensors also came with this phone. So we can expect that to carry the authenticity Samsung will definitely carry on with a single camera.

Samsung Galaxy SE will come with a 5.1-inch 2k AMOLED display. Because if we look at the current Samsung mid-range phones, we can see they come with 120Hz displays. As we are comparing Samsung with Apple then we can accept that Samsung will also cut down the cost of manufacturing like Apple. But Apple iPhone SE has better contrast and high resolution which most probably Samsung Galaxy Se will lack.

If we talk about the charging and better quality then it’s more likely Samsung will continue with the 2550mAh battery of the original S6. But maybe the cell will be slightly bigger like Apple iPhone Se. Moreover, Samsung will also offer wireless charging. But if I am honest then right now neither Samsung Mid-range flagship phones nor Apple iPhones offer actual fast charging.

Let’s talk about the performance of this Samsung Galaxy Se phone performance then it will be alright. This phone will come with Snapdragon 8 Gen chipset 1 like Apple iPhone SE. It will also offer 64 Gb of memory storage along with 8Gb with no slot for extension memory.

Google Pixel SE Features:

Image Credit- Phonearena

Google Pixel was known as Nexus at the time. This was one of the biggest phones of its time. But right now it is known as Pixel. If we compare Google Nexus with Apple iPhone SE then it is heavier and bigger.

But Google Nexus doesn’t have any home button neither it has any fingerprint sensor. So you should keep high-security passcode or unique pattern to keep your phone safe. But this phone has stereo speakers on the front which Samsung and Apple lack. Google Nexus Se will be a 6-inch display along with 2k, 60Hz, AMOLED screen which puts Apple iPhone SE and  Samsung SE to shame.

But the downside of the Google Nexus is its battery. It has a 3220mAh battery which can be above average or below average. The quality of the camera is normal. It comes with a 13 mp single camera.

If we talk about the performance of Google Nexus then it’s defiantly interesting. Because Google will use the Tensor processor. With this processor, this phone will be able to use HDRnet for videos, Magic Eraser, and Face Unblur. But still, the Tenson processor is not as capable as the A15 Bionic or even SnapDragon processor.

Moreover, if I am honest then Samsung and Google will never launch these phones because unlike Apple Samsung launches androids on a huge scale every year and Google has other competitors also.

If these companies make this kind of flagship phone then it will be proven a disaster for them. Many good quality androids are available at this price range so no one will buy them. But people are crazy about Apple so Apple can still gain a huge market with its Apple iPhone SE. So this concept is fun to read and write but practically it is impossible.

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