How to Check Your Twitch Chat Logs Full Quick Guide to check!!!

Jerk is the go-to site for gaming fans to watch their #1 titles and games. The stage has ascended in prevalence starting around 2020. In the event that you’re one of its 30 million everyday dynamic clients, you’d most likely need to know how to check Twitch talk logs.

There are various valid justifications for checking a client’s Twitch visit history. Whether you’re a decoration, mod, or watcher, we’ll show you the best strategies for how to check Twitch visit logs.

Knowing how to see your visit logs might come in grip all through your streaming vocation, and over the beyond barely any significant Twitch refreshes they’ve made it much more straightforward to do precisely that.

Checking Your Chat Logs:

Some time ago, checking Twitch visit logs was a seriously troublesome and convoluted attempt. Nowadays, it’s a lot more straightforward — you’ll scarcely start to perspire with the present strategies.

On Twitch, you can record and playback your VODs. Your VODs are fundamentally the accounts of your streams completely.

Since Twitch empowered visit accounts during VODs, you can now effectively return to explicit days to check remarks made by your watchers.

Tragically, this isn’t generally the most effective way to check your Twitch talk logs if you have any desire to return farther than about fourteen days.

Subsidiaries just triumph ultimately their most recent fourteen days of recordings accessible, and more current decorations have much fewer recorded recordings accessible.


Decorations might need to really take a look at the Chat to guarantee it isn’t brimming with unseemly remarks. These would incorporate swearing words, disdain discourse, or destructive remarks, as they might defy Twitch norms.

As you see, there’re convincing motivations to oversee and check Twitch talk logs. Be that as it may, you can do it as a proprietor or as an arbitrator.

In the event that you’re simply a watcher, there’re outsider applications that can screen your messages. Notwithstanding, checking other clients’ visit logs conflicts with Twitch’s protection rules.

Check Twitch Chat Log by means of Vods:

Jerk stores the transfer as a VOD (video-on-request) on your client’s dashboard when a transmission closes. You can playback the VOD to see the stream and see the live visit.

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It’s a tedious strategy, yet entirely it’s exceptionally compelling. In addition, it allows you to see remarks arbitrators eradicated.

By and by, you need to empower Twitch’s choice to save your VODs. Here’re the means:

1. Sign in to your Twitch account
2. Click on your channel symbol in the upper right
3. Go to Creator Dashboard

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Check Twitch Chat by means of the Search Function

The main technique is the hunt work. It’s a fast method for really taking a look at individual clients. Specifically, the pursuit work likewise checks whether you have restricted or given a break to the client previously.

Both the talk proprietor and mediators with consent approach the hunt work and the control devices:

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