Iyanna Floyd Mayweather, the Daughter of Champion Boxer Floyd Mayweather, Has Pleaded Guilty to a Felony Charge After Being Charged With Aggravated Battery.

Iyanna Floyd Mayweather, the Daughter of Champion Boxer Floyd Mayweather, Has Pleaded Guilty to a Felony Charge After Being Charged With Aggravated Battery.

Iyanna Mayweather, the daughter of Floyd and Shanté is set to appear in court on Wednesday next week. The 21-year-old has been charged with aggravated assault after she admitted guilt for knifing another woman last April 2020! Her hearing will take place on June 16th, 2022


Iyanna is a name that many people are familiar with, especially in the rap game. The famous artist’s legal troubles started when she was arrested for attacking rapper NBA YoungBoy’s ex-girlfriend Jacobs over their involvement together. According to Page Six, at 1:30 am Iyanna went up to crouch outside of where you’re supposed to be to see if your significant other lives there – which happens sometimes because they both work as musicians–and confronted her rival before demanding he leave right away or else things will get violent

I’m not exactly sure what happened next but it sounds like this woman got more than just emotional after being rejected by yet another man who claimed himself eligible enough

Iyanna told police that she had never met Jacobs before the night of the attack, but according to reports from those who were there claims otherwise. The 22-year-old suspect reportedly provoked an assault by pulling on IYANNA’s hair which led them into fighting back with locking privileges being taken away after they refuse demands made towards themselves or others PERSONALLY involved in this incident?!

The young woman Iyanna has reportedly agreed to a “plea bargain” case meaning she waives her right to appeal in return for six years probation and 40 hours of community service. Her punishment will also include no contacting or harassing Jacobs, who was involved with the incident that led up to this plea deal

Iyannas’ lawyer says they are pleased with how things turned out but understand there are still many people opposed because ‘it doesn’t feel fair.

Kent Schaffer, Iyanna’s attorney stated to Entertainment Tonight. He said that they resolved the case between her and the state nicely with an agreement that requires six years of deferred adjudication for those who have no felonies on their record after two more successful behave during this period will end it prematurely- eligible only if she has good behavior!

Iyanna’s attorney has indicated that his client could complete her probation early based on good behavior. The woman hasn’t been active online for several months, and it is unknown if she will comment about Wednesday’s court decision when returning next June 16th term – but one thing seems certain: with an earlier deadline than expected thanks to all of those hours spent working hard behind closed doors during incarceration time already served (more

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