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“Halo” Finale Starts With the Master Chief Waking Up From His Slumber With His Face Looking Battered, Bruised, and Bloody.

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Halo has reached the end of its first season, and there is sure drama to spare heading into the finale.

Make has been outed as a Covenant spy, making her the latest in a long line of people who have betrayed and lied to grasp chief.

The Covenant now possesses each artifact pointing the manner to the Halo. even as the chance of the whole annihilation looms over the planet’s reach, the grasp chief is simply too busy fighting his fellow Spartans to keep the day.

All of this makes for a compelling basis, so it is unfortunate that “Transcendence” never absolutely capitalizes on that capability.

To get the elephant out of the room first, it’d appear Makee’s betrayal in Episode eight wasn’t meant to set up the show’s model of the fall of attaining — now not right away, besides.

As a lot because it seemed just like the climax of “Allegiance” was laying the foundation for a full Covenant assault on the united states of America’s home planet, it’s not what we get in “Transcendence.” What follows is rather a smaller, more truthful war regarding the grasp leader leading an attack on the Covenant homeworld.

It’s sincerely now not honest to knock this episode solely as it doesn’t comply with the predicted path. but this does speak to the commonly anticlimactic pleasant of the finale, wherein the stakes in no way sense pretty as excessive as they must be.

Even the concept of a grasp leader leading a suicide mission into the coronary heart of Covenant territory sounds better on paper than in practice. At this point, the Silver team seems shrouded in plot armor more durable than any MJOLNIR suit.

With no Spartan deaths and the handiest master leader himself paying a heavy charge, this latest struggle lacks the gravitas one might assume from a season finale.

This episode additionally increases a few massive WTF questions, not least of which is why no person on the group concept to assassinate the Covenant management whilst the Prophets stood floating dumbly in the background.

That undertaking does lead to what’s effortlessly the show’s biggest and maximum sport-stimulated action scene to this point. not because the ideal has an episode paid a lot of attention to replicating the look and experience of a Halo Firefight fit.

Now not simply the guns and enemies, but even the surroundings themselves feels ripped instantly from the video games. that devotion to the games has its plusses and minuses.

The shootout is a laugh to observe, however, it’s another reminder that the display nevertheless faces some major barriers on the special effects front. now not to say using the first-man or woman angle is quickly growing old. it’s a novelty that doesn’t serve a beneficial storytelling cause.

However, for all that the plot comes up short in phrases of scope and urgency, the finale does achieve capping off numerous most important, season-lengthy tale arcs.

Make is probably the highlight in that regard. she is an individual who is grown notably greater fascinating because beginning her deep-cowl assignment and fell in love with grasp leader.

Now, in loss of life, she emerges as in all likelihood the series’ most tragic character. This episode genuinely hammers domestic the futility of her life.

She’s a trifling pawn for use and discarded by using extraterrestrial beings who want her capabilities however in the end nonetheless views her as a heathen.

There has been likely in no way a satisfied finishing to her story, and that unhappy cognizance, in reality, offers the finale a weight it could be missing in different areas. If this is the closing we see of Charlie Murphy’s person, it’s a fitting end.

However given some of the guidelines the video games venture in, it can be premature to count her out just but. The Dr. Halsey subplot additionally ends the season on a robust word.

Episode 8 raised a few issues approximately Halsey shifting into too overt of a villain role, however, Episode 9 is capable of dialing matters back a bit.

We see to what lengths she’s willing to lodge to hold her freedom and keep her work, however, this episode also reinforces the belief that Halsey does not see herself as evil.

She’s just someone who believes her ends justify any method, and it is going to be interesting to look at how that single-minded obsession plays out in Season 2.

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