Shocking Reason Why Your Adblock Is Not Working on Twitch, How to Fix It, Most Effective Tips

You may choose from several different ad-blocking options, but AdBlock is one of the most popular.

Many people rely on the AdBlock browser plugin, which is typically reliable. But there are occasions when it fails to remove Twitch adverts, resulting in an unsatisfactory and irritating viewing experience for viewers.

Your AdBlock may not be able to operate effectively for one of the following reasons:

Twitch improved their anti-adblock methods but AdBlock hasn’t been updated as of this writing.
There is an older version of AdBlock installed on your computer.
It appears that your AdBlock settings have been incorrectly set up.
AdBlock is interfering with another browser plugin, which may or may not be identical to AdBlock.
AdBlock’s “advanced” settings haven’t been implemented.
Even if some of these options sound complex, you shouldn’t be alarmed. Step-by-step instructions are provided for each solution in this tutorial.

AdBlock should be updated to the most recent version.

The simplest answer is often the most successful one, and this is no exception.

The AdBlock addon isn’t updated by certain users. To keep up with the ever-changing ad display strategies used by Twitch and others, you’ll need to update AdBlock often. As it turns out, this is a simple problem to solve.

It’s easy to upgrade AdBlock to the most recent version. You can follow these instructions if you don’t know how to:

Open Chrome on your computer.
Enter “chrome:/extensions” in the URL (address bar) and click “Enter” on your keyboard to get started.
When you’re in “Developer Mode,” click on “Developer Mode.” Just click “Update” on the far-left and all of your extensions will be updated to their most recent versions.
Chrome has to be restarted to take effect.
Check out Twitch to check if the issue has been rectified.
Other options are available if this one fails to fix your problem. If you need help configuring your AdBlock settings, check out the following area.

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Fix 2: Adjust AdBlock’s Preferences

“Allow Acceptable Ads” is an AdBlock feature. It lets you allow certain types of ads. However, this may be the reason why you’re seeing so many advertisements on Twitch.

Disabling this option is as simple as following these steps:

In Chrome, click the AdBlock symbol in the upper right corner of the browser.
You may access Settings by clicking the cogwheel (gear icon) on the pop-up.
On the left side of the Settings menu, there is a “General” section. Press the button to activate it.
Restart Chrome after unchecking “Allow Acceptable Ads” in the “General” menu.
Try Twitch again after restarting Chrome to check whether the issue has been resolved.
AdBlock may be interfering with other Chrome extensions if this doesn’t work.

Check to see if AdBlock interferes with any other extensions you have installed.

Multiple ad-blocking Chrome extensions are more effective, according to some PC users.

The ad-blockers clashing with each other causes more difficulties than it solves, according to many users. Furthermore, you squander even more system resources for no gain.

It’s advisable to turn off all of your ad-blocking plugins except AdBlock on Chrome if you have more than one installed. Restart Chrome and go to Twitch with only AdBlock activated in your extensions after you’ve done that step.

Although it may not cure your problem, you have saved some money and time. Adjusting AdBlock’s advanced settings is the final option you may attempt.

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