Louis C.K Releases ‘Fourth of July’: Will audiences forget his history of sexual misconduct?

Louis C.K Releases ‘Fourth of July’: Will audiences forget his history of sexual misconduct?

The latest news in the world of indie films is Louis C. K’s announcement about his new film. The film is titled “Fourth of July” and Louis revealed this upcoming work on his official website on the third of June.

Synopsis and plot:

The film revolves around the story of a recovering alcoholic and jazz pianist, Jeff, played by the comic Joe List. The story is about Jeff confronting his acerbic family during a family vacation on the Fourth of July.

Cast and Crew:

The movie is directed by Louis C. K himself and co-written by Louis and comic Joe List. The cast members have been revealed to be Joe List, Paula Plum, Sarah Tollemache, Robert Kelly, and Robert Walsh. Louis also plays a minor role in the film. However, he only stars in a few scenes and expresses that he took great pleasure in directing the film without having to focus too much on acting.

The trailer has been released and can be watched here-


In his director’s statement, he mentions:

“Outside of my two scenes as Jeff’s therapist, which we shot first and got out of the way, for me, it was a real pleasure to direct without acting for the first time in many years. I felt able to look after the cast and focus on the look of the movie.”

Expected release dates:

Louis has been working on this film secretly and it is now expected to premiere on June 30th at New York’s Beacon Theatre. After this, more screenings will follow at Shubert Theatre in Boston on July 1, and The Vic in Chicago on July 2. Plans for further screenings have not been revealed.

Louis has also requested his fans to urge local theatres to play the film if they wish to see it near them. The attempt is to achieve wider distribution of his films by lobbying his fanbase.

Previous works by the Director:

Louis C.K is not only a screenwriter, actor, and filmmaker; he is also a famous American stand-up comedian. Some of his stand-up specials include ‘Live at the Beacon Theatre’ aired in 2011 and ‘Oh My God’ aired in 2013. He has also released a TV series called ‘Louie’ which ran from 2010 to 2015. He has won six Primetime Emmys, three Peabody awards, and three Grammys.

Sexual assault allegations against Louis C. K:

Allegations of sexual assault and abuse of power were levied at Louis C. K, which he later admitted to in 2017. Several female comedians had accused him of abusing his power to force them to watch him masturbate. These allegations were eerily similar and believable even before they were confirmed. This controversy led to C. K’s film “I Love You, Daddy” to be pulled from the theatres. The movie also had disturbing sexual themes.

It is yet to be seen whether Louis’s criminal past will lead to this latest film’s failure. But he has lost supporters in recent years and it will not be surprising if audiences do not clamor to watch a film produced by a sexual assaulter. It can be speculated that C. K’s request for support from his fans was necessary due to these exact circumstances.

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