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How to Disappear in the High School Years of Sims 4, Know The Details

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Teenagers have been revamped and brought to life in The Sims 4: High School Years expansion pack.

Players can pick between being an overachiever or a renegade by interacting with teen lifestyles. Furthermore, teenagers can now post on social media, conduct school pranks, and even sneak out. If you want to explore your evil side, here’s how to sneak out with friends in The Sims 4: High School Years.

Making friends in high school is essential if you want to enjoy all of the games in the new expansion pack. Sims can meet other teenagers by adding them to Social Bunny, the game’s popular social network, or by joining school organizations and sports teams. After you make friends, the game features several interactions and rabbit holes. One of these rabbit holes is the ability to sneak out. Having friends isn’t the only need for slipping out.

Players must complete a few tasks before their Sims can sneak out in The Sims 4. To begin, at least one EZ is required. On the property, a window must be installed. It must be usable from both sides of the window in order for Sims to enter and exit a room. Players can build a trellis for Sims to climb up and down if the house is on a foundation or the window is on the second level.

During gameplay, sneaking out happens at random. Teens who have a strong enough bond with another teen may receive a phone call asking them to a late-night performance or party. If players accept the invitation, a pop-up will appear with information about the various ways teens can attend the event. Of course, kids can ask their parents for permission to leave, but if all else fails and their parents refuse, sneaking out is the only option.

To sneak out, players can click anywhere on the ground or the EZ window. Locking their bedroom doors is a fantastic strategy to ensure kids successfully slip out. Also, ensure that parents are either preoccupied or sleeping because if teens are caught, they will face consequences, which will provide them a negative moodlet. Teens that choose to sneak out jump out the EZ window, discreetly walk around the house, and exit the lot.

You don’t always want to spend hours accumulating relationship levels simply to see the thrilling features of Sims growing up. You want to see them get married and have children, or you want to see them sneak away and hang out. In any case, using The Sims 4 relationship cheats can be a fantastic way to play the game in novel and fascinating ways.

There are a number of special Sims 4 cheat codes that can let you achieve all of this and more without putting in any effort. All you need is a copy of the game and a keyboard or controller, depending on where you play. It’s quite easy to do and very easier to undo.

Use these The Sims 4 relationship cheats to connect and separate your Sims and get straight into the action. Don’t worry, you won’t be required to work long hours this time.

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