Elden Ring Enemy Attack, Ironically, Saves the Player From Death

Since Elden Ring has been available for some time, many gamers have probably already completed it. Although some players are waiting for FromSoftware to make a new announcement regarding Elden Ring’s DLC plans, the publisher has not yet done so.

Since the introduction of Elden Ring, players have shared a lot of entertaining recordings of things that happened while they were playing. These can be bizarre and unexpected AI interactions or arbitrary bugs. A participant in the Elden Ring has recently shared a video of a remarkable encounter that might have saved their life.

Character-Gene-1572, a user, posted a video of an iconic series of Elden Ring events. They see a platform below as they look to be running down some stairs. Character-Gene-1572 is confident they can jump the large gap between the platform’s edge and the steps. The player miscalculates the distance and appears to be ready to plummet to their death, which proves to be a mistake.

Holy crap, the guy actually saved my life by grabbing me mid air!!! Definitely misjudged that jump, but thanks mr lizard?? from Eldenring

A close enemy uses a grab attack just before they reach the ground, taking out more than half of their HP in one action. Character-Gene-1572 certainly anticipated dying, therefore this action prevented them from resurfacing at the prior Site of Grace.

The player seems to have survived the tragedy, as they stated in a comment that they had fled to obtain a Talisman necessary to complete Elden Ring to the fullest extent possible. Character-Gene-1572 states that in the 450 hours they have spent playing the game, they have never encountered an occurrence like this.

The unexpected turn of events seems to have impressed other Elden Ring participants as well, with one saying it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It would be challenging to intentionally duplicate this technique, according to one user.

Elden Ring’s patch 1.07 appears to have incorporated new textures, hair, map files, and other items that give away the game’s next DLC. It appears that the arenas and colosseums that are not now accessible will be included in Elden Ring’s DLC, but players must wait until an official statement from the development team.

The balance of the game was significantly altered by this most recent update, which provided distinct damage scaling for PvP and PvE in Elden Ring. As a result, FromSoftware is able to independently balance the two modes.

In the weeks since the game’s initial release in March, videos of Elden Ring players pulling off intriguing stunts and showcasing impressive mods have taken the gaming sections of the internet by storm. Just days after Elden Ring’s release, one particular Twitch Livestream surpassed all previous records for most viewers on the website.

In addition to escaping a torturous pitfall death, Elden Ring players have been observed overcoming difficult adversaries by simply sitting back and letting their summoned spirits do the heavy work and getting rammed to death by a goat soon after a grueling boss battle.

Elden Ring players would still be advised to avoid a panic roll off a ledge during a difficult boss battle because Aiseadai hasn’t precisely discovered a practical way to prevent falling to one’s unexpected death down the cliffs of the Lands Between.

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