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Genshin Impact Players Would Benefit Significantly From More Nilou-like Characters.

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Players of Genshin Impact have expressed appreciation for HoYoverse’s choice to suit specific Sumeru characters onto specific team lineups.

The most recent character additions have pleased Genshin Impact fans, who say they provide additional options for selecting the ideal squad lineup. HoYoverse recently added much-needed versatility in squad composition with the introduction of the new Dendro element.

A unique Hydro character named Nilou was introduced in the second section of the Genshin Impact update 3.1. Nilou has a significant role to play in Sumeru’s plot. There are only a few days for players to support the main performer of the Zubayr Theater before her banner ends at the end of the month.

On the original Genshin Impact subreddit, Reddit user joaofelix9 has begun an intriguing discussion applauding HoYoverse’s choice to add more specialized characters like Nilou. Given that the post received over 5.5k upvotes, it appears that a significant portion of the community concurs with most of it. Fans assert that players have been primarily centered on three or four sorts of team compositions during the past two years, they have the most potential for damage, therefore.

While Nilou is a capable hydro applicator who can work in a variety of team compositions, her kit is focused on an elemental reaction known as Bloom.

Players must unite Dendro and Hydro to activate Bloom, which will drop tiny Dendro Cores that unleash damage-dealing explosions after a short period. Even though the Bloom team compositions can function well without Nilou, her presence increases their damage. One of the causes is that, if gamers have at least one Hydro and one Dendro player in their party, their passive abilities grant an enormous Elemental Mastery benefit.

Nilou’s ability to transform the Dendro Cores dropped by Bloom into Bountiful Cores, having a bigger area of effect and a shorter cooldown, is her most significant advantage about Bloom. There can only be five Bloom cores of any kind on the field at any given time. However, because Bountiful Cores can be created much more quickly due to their significantly lower cooldown, they offer a greater potential for damage.

The arrival of Nilou also raised the popularity of Sangonomiya Kokomi, a Hydro user who is a fifth-star character. Due to her capacity to consistently apply the Hydro element, she is also a critical component of the Bloom team composition.

Nilou’s Elemental Skill has two methods that can ultimately depend on your actions after activating it, does AoE Hydro damage, and changes the element of her strikes to Hydro.

She will switch to the Sword Dance form if the third dance step from Dance of Haftkarsvar is a Basic Attack. This form emits a wave that causes Hydro DMG and turns all Regular Attacks into Hydro DMG.

Nilou will transition into the Whirling Steps form if she applies her Elemental Skill for her third dance move once more. Nilou will spin while providing AoE Hydro DMG in this form. She will cast a Tranquility Aura after the assault, giving the foes inside the AoE the wet state.

With the imminent release of the Sumeru Archon Nahida, there is a chance that this style of team makeup will grow even more in popularity. She is a confirmed Dendro user who will appear in the November 2nd release of Genshin Impact update 3.2.

Genshin Impact is now accessible via mobile, PS4, and PC platforms. They have started working on a new version of Switch.

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