How to Get Inside the Minotaur Maze and What It’s Used for, Know the Truth

Looking in Grounded for the Minotaur Maze Key? Here mentioned are the details on where to find the Minotaur Maze Key for players who are in need and excited to open the treasure atop Grounded’s picnic table.

What Is A Minotaur Maze Key?

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A properly hidden item in a collapsed pipe South of something like the picnic table is the Grounded Minotaur Maze Key, which will be used to open the chest on the table on its own and obtain a special BURG. L Chip together with a Milk Molar It is sure that it is worth the wait and patience because this specific chip has the formula for the Mint Mace, arguably one of the greatest weapons in the game.

Where To Find The Minotaur Maze Key?

In addition to detailing the actual location of the Minotaur Maze Key in Grounded, this guide will give further details on the unlocks.

In the game, there exists a Tier 2 sword that can cut through Soggy Roots and that should be available to players before they attempt to get the Minotaur Maze Key. The Bone Dagger, which is made up of two Diving Bell Spider Chunks, 2 Silk Ropes, and two Sunken Bones in Grounded, is possible for it to be the first acceptable weapon that players get. Soggy Roots may also be removed with the Spider Fang Dagger, albeit it is more challenging to produce.

In a cave next to the picnic table, you’ll find the Minotaur Maze Key. You can find the shelter by keeping an eye out for its exposed, broken pipes. You will undoubtedly locate the area once you are close to it because it is identified as its own distinct location and is called Exposed Pipe.

Players should descend farther down the Exposed Pipe after entering it to reach another broken portion, dive, wade towards the Soggy Roots, and then clear them to get to the Minotaur Maze Key.

How To Reach The Location?

The Leaning Shovel is close to the southeast portion of the table, and Grounded players would have to use an explosion to overturn it in order to access this labyrinth. Fans may then use the Cooler Box to eventually reach the top by moving to the seating on the other side of the Picnic Table, enabling them to ascend onto one of the benches there.

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To access the Northern bench, run to the end and cross using the connecting trestle support.

  • You may sprint up the book stack here, which leads to a picnic cooler made of plastic. You may press a large, red button on the cooler; to activate it, use a busting tool of rank 2 or above. It will result in the cooler handle getting finished or destroyed on the table, creating a brand-new ramp.
  • Turn east from here, through some black ants, to view the plastic Minotaur Maze. Towards the left about some dice is a door that leads into it.
    The maze is rather simple to navigate. Simply enter through the entrance, turn left, then right, and continue forwards beyond the statue probably made out of plastic to the entrance on your left. The chest will be in front of you.

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